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Here’s one idea they’re promoting. Cool! Thanks to my friend Jay Pace.

Unusual Hotel in Austria Has Rooms Made from Repurposed Drain Pipes

The Das Park Hotel in Austria offers rooms made from sections of large drain pipes!

Trish Smith

Images: flickr

If you’re looking for a weird and wacky stay in a hotel that’s not like any other, then check out the Das Park Hotel in Austria. The hotel, which is located in a public park along the Danube River, offers rooms made from large repurposed drain pipes. The rooms include a double bed that comes with a sleeping bag and a wool blanket, as well as and some extra storage space for personal belongings.

What about a bathroom? Since the rooms are just big enough for two people, the bathroom, along with a water fountain, a buffet and a bar, are all located right outside the drain pipes for public access. If you happen to be at the hotel on a Friday you can even walk to the main square for market day and buy food and wine.

If you’re wondering if people actually stay in these rooms, here’s proof that they do…and they like it!

The Das Park Hotel has had so much success booking these drain pipe rooms that it’s currently building five new rooms in Bernepark Bottrop-Ebel. If you’re interested in these rooms, you can make a reservation online.


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