Eat the Sun

Back in 1990, one day I found myself getting up in the early dawn and, though still groggy, dressed quickly and purposefully. Perplexed and surprised by what appeared as the body’s strong will of its own, I allowed it to lead the way.

My body opened the door and walked outside. It then stepped onto a large, flat nearby rock, and faced east.

Standing still and silent, eyes closed, I felt the earth hum and the birds call in joyous, thrilling anticipation. As the sun rose above the horizon my eyes opened. Looking directly into the heart of this enormous glowing orb, I raised my arms in benediction. It was a holy moment. I felt drenched in gratitude.

That day began a new chapter in my life, one which incorporates, more and more consciously, both movement practices (tai chi, chi kung, yoga) and sun gazing, for a few seconds at a time, at dawn or dusk, or at any time of day in winter, when the Sun’s angle of declination puts it lower on the horizon and without its light I am in danger of lapsing into S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder). Always, I know that the sun’s energy feeds the spirit.

I once had a step-son who, when he was between three and five years old, ate very very little in human food. An incredibly active, energetic little boy, he played outside as much as possible. I used to say that Trevor got his energy directly from the sun.

Now I come across this little video, the trailer to a movie, Eat the Sun. Thanks to

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3 Responses to Eat the Sun

  1. sylvia says:

    what happened at the end? Was the Indian faster photographed eating?

  2. Thib says:

    Yes he told it in the letter : He ate some times after many years when his body compelled him to…
    So It’s not a lie that he could live without eating, just a few times maybe you still need to feed!

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