Crop Circle shows Enki god?

I’m in awe of the capacity of the human imagination to invent/discover specific codes in crop circles. While the codes may be there in reality, it may also be that these crop circles are gifted to us primarily to fertilize our imaginations! See earlier post.

I do sense that ETs are creating at least the best — most beautiful and complex — crop circles. Their creativity, in turn, inspires trickster humans to create more and more interesting crop circles themselves that, when unmasked, we dismiss as “hoaxes.”

But what if the main purpose of crop circles is to teach us to dream, to vision, to rip through the thin veils that separate us from communion with the cosmos?

Here’s one from Poirino, Italy, reported June 20, 2011. For the interpretation, which sees ASCI code in the symbol and reads it as Enki, a “tall blonde, extraterrestrial god in ancient Sumeria,” go to:


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