On interpreting crop circles

Reported on June 4, 2011, at Braccagni (Grosseto), interpreted on June 6, 2011

That the inner and outer rings of this crop circle have 6 and 24 dots respectively, has inspired an especially provocative interpretation, see below, of altered time. If so, how? Change in the speed of Earth’s rotation? Diminution of Earth’s diameter?

Wow, it really pops the mind open.

On the other hand, another — though more subtle — feature of this crop circle is that the dots on the two rings don’t line up; each of the six dots on the inner ring is located between two dots of the outer ring (see diagram below) . . . so to me, the two rings feel like interlocking gears.

It just goes to show that when you lock the human imagination into a visual image, anything, literally anything, can spring from the fusion. It reminds me of times when I’ve seen something and was sure it was one thing, and realized, as I got closer to it, that it was something else. (But I had been so sure! I actually saw it that way, in full outline! How could have I been so wrong?)

Then I realized that my original picture of the thing (that it wasn’t), was created, out of whole cloth, from my obviously very fertile imagination!

And that in turn reminds me of a nighttime dream I once had, wherein I was hearing a glorious, fully orchestrated piece of music that I had not ever heard in my waking life. Wow, I thought, was it my imagination? Did I miss my calling in life, and should have been a composer?

Or did I tune into some kind of universal song . . .? And if so, what’s “mine” and what isn’t?

And that again, turns me round once more, now to glance at the ever-mysterious, and ever-recurring phenomenon of synchronous discovery, Darwin and Wallace, for example . . . “Private property” doesn’t stay that way when the walls come tumbling down.

Likewise with crop circles. I think that their most powerful import is to provoke humans to blast open the door to the endless creative capacity of consciousness, and how it melts walls — plus, a related, and seemingly opposite, topic: how, if we focus long enough and hard in enough in a single direction, then our imagined goal, even if it hasn’t yet precipitated into manifestation, even if it’s not yet “true,” will be at some point — or was! Anything that can be imagined, IS, in some infinite universe.

So let’s stay with the good stuff, eh? No sense dreaming into being what we would rather not see in humanity’s collective time-line that’s now so rapidly and feverishly mutating, here on — and in, and above — our beloved, beleaguered Earth.

Crop circle says the length of one solar day is not always 24 hours.

The concept of this crop formation is quite simple. The key point is why the 24 black/white circlets on the outer ring reduce to only 6 on the inner ring.

And thanks to the information provided by my blog reader about the Medicean Fortress, a must-see local sight-seeing attraction in Grosseto, I am able to understand one of the messages that circle makers want to tell us. Here is the link to the detailed introduction of this place: http://www.tuscany-charming.it/en/places/grosseto.asp

The point is the reconstruction of the hexagonal walls. The message from the circle makers is that we need to change the current system in order to face the coming challenge during the chaotic period. One of the changes is reallocation of the current measurement of time from 24 hours/day to 6 hours/day (24 time zones to 6 time zones). But why we need to change? And why 6 time zones?? Well, it will require your wisdom to figure it out…

The original article is written in Chinese by Crop Circle Decoder: H.K.D. Copyright 2010

Translator: Lisa C. Kuo

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