Up close and personal: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse conjunct Galactic Center today at 24°23 Gemini/Sagittarius

An eclipse of the Moon over the Galactic Center, artist's conception by Sarah Bissonnette-Adler, seen at planetwaves.org.

Today’s Full Moon/Eclipse reminds me: how could I forget? This Sun/Moon opposition is personally relevant, given that it’s sandwiched between my 22° Sagittarian Ascendant and my 27° Sagittarian Sun . . .

Sagittarius: the big archetypal pattern within which the “ten thousand things” of day to day are rendered meaningful — or not! I guess that’s what happened to me yesterday: all of a sudden the meaning went out, got sucked into the black hole said to be at the Galactic Center of this Milky Way galaxy.

Sun conjunct the “G.C.” Both blessing and curse. Makes me want to sit in the center of my solar self (my Sun) which happens to be aligned with the center of the galaxy — and . . . just . . . hook up! — attune to the whole. This I can usually do. But sometimes, when one particular ugly detail (like onspewing radiation from Fukushima) looms large in my imagination, I lose my detached vision of that whole and collapse into the center of what I see instead.

That’s the basic gist of this Gemini/Sagittarius full moon — learning how to weigh, balance, and tie together facts with theories to explain them, details with possible patterns they describe; or speaking the language of geometry: dimensionless dots, into 1D lines, into 2D figures, into 3-D solids — and beyond, out into infinite multidimensionality. For the Sagittarian, not even the sky’s the limit.

As an eclipse, this full moon is more powerful than usual. Why? Because in an eclipse, the alignment of the three bodies (opposition and conjunction) is exact: a very straight line links the three together.

Many years ago I had a sudden shuddering realization (also a Sagittarian penchant) that eclipses are actually miracles!! Why? Well, just think. During a full-on eclipse, the rims of the two bodies appear to match up exactly, one not larger than the other. This is so, despite the fact that the Sun is many times larger and much more distant than the Moon. Isn’t that amazing? To me, it was the most astonishing fact I had ever come across, and said so, many times. I was, frankly, dumbfounded, in awe.

A few years ago, however, I started to wonder if this phenomenon is not more of a joke than a miracle, to wit: if one allows into awareness David Icke‘s theory that the Moon is not a celestial body but an artificial satellite that was dragged into place by an ET species for the purpose of monitoring human life on Earth, then eclipses feel more like jokes, reminders: “Isn’t this an aesthetic delight, what we did a long time ago?”

Then there’s the hormonal tie in with the lunar tides, something I am not nearly as caught up in now as during the three long decades when I menstruated in tune with the Moon. And when one figures in Gurdjieff’s notion that “we are food for the Moon,” i.e., emotional food for the Moon, then the joke begins to distinctly sour. Ah yes, human beings, especially of breeding age, driven back and forth, in and out, by surging hormonal tides of discontent and desire. Ach!

Again, this kind of larger perspective that connects menstruation, and reproduction, and tides and Moon and Sun, etc., has a distinctly Sagittarian flavor, though based on Gemini “facts”.

Yesterday, I had a meltdown that left me distinctly incapable of surfing the internet for ephemeral Gemini news that I then shine some kind of Sagittarian light upon to make sense of, to show various ways that dots connect, etc.

Today I promised to start work on an article for the Permaculture Activist magazine under a tight deadline. So, on this Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon day, before I begin I find myself contemplating the balance between Gemini and Sagittarius in this article. How many facts and what kind? How large a perspective will be acceptable to readers of a decidedly grounded permaculture magazine when my philosophical (Sagittarian) interests can’t help but zoom out into exopermacultural territory? Can I constrain myself (always a Sagittarian question), to a mundane (Gemini) point of view without killing the spirit? Ah . . . We shall see.

I do think permaculturists might benefit from the exopermacultural idea that the sacrosanct so-called “laws of nature” might actually just be habits. . .

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