Personal meltdown: postpartum

I came clean with myself yesterday, and shared it with you.

Then I busied myself preparing flyers for our upcoming three events on June 25th. And today? Well, I woke up this morning to an email from a man named Koen who appears to live in Belgium and runs a very interesting site, I responded to his email, happy to note that yes, the two of us do appear to be kin.

And you know, just hearing from one person, one so-called “stranger” halfway across the world, made all the difference. I could go on, stare unflinchingly at what appears in 3D to be “evil” while embracing the whole world, all of it, all the pain and all the joy, unceasingly.

If my little dog Emma can wake up every day with an open heart, if she can love me even when I step on her tail or leave her at home for too long, then so can I love even those whose hearts have yet to surrender to the unexpressible mystery of communion.

Like the lotus, I bloom from below.

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3 Responses to Personal meltdown: postpartum

  1. Susan McElroy says:

    Ah yes, Ann. Would that I had the inner peace of my dogs. How lucky they are not to be encumbered by huge brains!

  2. Mz NevaUmind says:

    Can someone with a Phd be an astrologer? What a juxtaposition. What field of study is the phd in? I don’t have a Phd but I know that astrology is the biggest load of B.S, I’ve come across. Its right up there with the idea that abused kids grow up and abuse their kids. Some sort of “cycle” that strips the hope for a better future right out of the realm of possibility. Astrology? Come on. How can any half educated person with at least half a brain seriously believe they know anything about anyone because they know their sign? And then go on to try to give it some validity/roots with numbers and stars – which are two very scientific staples. Yeah, there’ s no way that I like hot soup and down to earth men because my moon was in somebodys house the day I was born. You either.

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