Millions surrender to this one young man . . .

. . . filling our hearts with gratitude.

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2 Responses to Millions surrender to this one young man . . .

  1. sylvia says:

    lovely young man indeed, and what a story.
    but it’s hilarious how identical the camera shoots and faciael expressions of the judges are to the original british version, especially the one episode (also seen on youtube by me, as no tv and no patience to watch all episodes whatsoever) with that middle aged lady that astounded everyone with her beautiful booming
    voice, after (deliberatedly) been made to look a bit shabby, and of course they had already heard her sung in the selection rounds.

    • Great observations, Sylvia! And, given what you say, two things come to mind for me: 1) If, in both cases, the judges had already heard the unlikely contestants, obviously there’s some sort of cynical play-acting going on. And 2) Yet, the identical expressions on the judges’ faces for both contestants in two countries that have evolved seemingly very different cultures shows some sort of universal longing for exactly what they both (at least in part) pretend to express through their facial expressions! As usual, a sort of paradox that forces us to blast through the mind. What’s important, to me, is the longing. That’s what unites us. And at least this performance (I haven’t seen the other one) evokes that in anyone not deadened to the life inside them.

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