Bilderberg News

Go to Alex Jones, for news and protests that surround this weekend’s Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland. He’s also got the attendee list, and Fox News is now picking up on coverage.

When I google the word “Bilderberg,” it seems that most of the news generated is from Alex Jones, plus The Guardian (British). In any case, it’s about time somebody shines a very bright light on the workings of this super secret organization of the Powers That Be (the Illuminati, the Cabal) that have been running, I mean ruining, our world, deliberately, for eons.

I read somewhere that a high level Swiss politician is trying to arrest Kissinger when he arrives at Bilderberg. So I googled “Kissinger arrest” — and about laughed out loud. People have been trying to arrest him in just about every country, year after year!

BTW: do check out the attendee list.

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