Lyn Dalebout: Her sacred language mirrors this sacred time

I’m delighted to introduce the blogsite of my dear friend and soul sister Lyn Dalebout, also an astrologer (though she works with sidereal, rather than tropical zodiac). More than any other astrological writer with whom I am familiar, Lyn has opened a linguistic space that, to me, accurately and vividly conveys the tonal quality of this explosively creative time in history. It may come as no surprise that Lyn is also a poet.

Lyn and I met when I was her astrologer in 1984, way before she had begun to study astrology, much less speak this language with such beauty and grace. She was living in a tiny yurt in Kelly, Wyoming, directly across from the Grand Teton and working at Valley Books in Jackson. A year later I went in to see her and to say goodbye. Still in my gypsy phase, I was once more pulling up stakes — destination unknown.

I’m glad I stopped in. She invited me to join her and the other artistic souls in that experimental yurt community.

The twenty years I spent in the storied wild Wyoming land I hold as a contemplative jewel in memory. And I thank Lyn for keeping me there, and for so much else. A natural athlete, she taught me, for example, how to telemark ski downhill, through trees. “Hey Annie,” she called, in her lilting voice as she saw me kick-turning, floundering. “Concentrate, not on the trees, but on the spaces between them.” Wow! Voila!

I repeated her advice to my soon-to-be-new husband Jeff when he, fresh out west from the urban east, found himself clutching the steering wheel in abject terror while driving the 10% grade over Teton Pass. “Hey Jeff,” I whispered. “Concentrate on the road, not on the abyss.” It worked for him, too.

Lyn opens space for the strong, clear, churning currents of the universe to swirl through.

Thank you, Lyn!

Her latest offering:


Launch~~Sacred Activism~~June 2011

Hummingbirds by Lee Riddelll
With the immense hurtling winds of change humming through us, I open this piece with these stunning delightful paintings of my dear friend of Teton longevity Lee Riddell Hummingbirds~~Bird of Joy~lightest of birds capable of handling the most rigorous of storms~ traveling furthest~ journeying farthest on the simplest of diets~wise guides for these times.We have not all physically lived through an F5 tornado or a nuclear meltdown. But at some level all of us are experiencing some version of the swirling twirling spiraling dynamic change demanding we shift NOW, forever releasing all we held dear. Check out this link for some visual imagery of an external eruption of the Chilean volcano that potentially mirrors your internal landscape:

I remember the time in 2009 when under the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (astrologicially linked to evolving a new level of spiritual/artistic awakening) I had this realization: humanity has reached a moment in our collective evolutionary development~~out of our endless trials of pain nudging us toward awakening~~the next shifts were going to arrive from within, from within each person, all animals, the Earth. It would be the Great Leveling. All would be made equal, everyone’s wisdom would emerge no matter your level of higher education. We had reached the realization that change comes ALWAYS initially from within, traveling outward, moving us toward actions to shift the world. ALWAYS starting from inside us as a result of all we have experienced/loved/learned/released. Each of us, a turbulent potent force for change. Each of us putting our heart’s desires into action. Sacred Activism. That was a good realization that day. I thought things would get easier.

Not so, for most. These turbulent forces of change entered our lives, demanded cataclysmic releases and continue to bring forth an inner resilience for those who chose to remain on Earth. And here we are~still standing upright~simplified~invigorated~like after a passing thunderstorm~drenched~full of fresh clean air~exhilarated.

The trajectory of 2011, astrologically/historically began with revolutionary shifts. Perhaps you felt a new awakening, greater movement toward your beckoning life? We were taken to the new terrain,dreaming large/imagining anew up till January 25 2011. That was the day Saturn went retrograde, the day of the beginning of the Egyptian/MiddleEast revolutions. Since then you may have become aware of what must leave your life in order to grow/what you willingly relinquish/ your clinging nature release/ so you are free*free*free*to be free at last. This outer revolution mirrors our own internal desires for freedom. On every level.

Saturn~planetary ruler of focused discipline/action~ is about to head into direct momentum in relationship to Earth on June 12 2011~
~~Prepare to be launched~~

As Within, so Without~~the key to the Universe. Seriously, think about this, absorb the truth of this ancient ancient teaching empowering all. As Within, so Without. No one controls you, no one owns you, unless you allow it. Attune to within so you can create without in your outer world. It is the Secret of the ages, hidden and buried for generations, now exposed for all to see.

Out of these turbulent times, you have been practicing this truth, because you had to. Right? Because the circumstances of your life demanded you grow into a more powerful Being aware of your abilities to do more with less~to do more with less~and in doing so to wield magic in ways you never dreamed possible.

As Within~So Without

I felt a clear directive starting in January 2011. In all my years of attuning/listening to my spiritual/earthly guidance, never had I heard such a clear message.”You must get as clear and centered as you have ever been so you will be ready by June for the coming waves.” The feeling was I would become like the helmswoman~not passenger~for a raft in high waters of the Grand Canyon~no fear~prepare for the coming exhilaration.

This is what I heard:

January~~the Awakening
April~~the catalytic Opening
June~ the Launch

I took this insight seriously and life is shifting me in dramatic new ways. I have yet to see what the Launch will bring forth in my life yet I feel an anticipatory Grace. I’ll stay with that for now. Once this journey begins, it is anyone’s guess where you will be tossed/flown/thrown/floated toward your next destination. Yet all this can be known/seen/felt from within. You are not helpless in this. You are guiding your own destiny/destination~~you may not know it yet but soon will~~

What did you long for in January?
What transpired and shifted you toward those desires in April?
~ Ready~Set~Go~

~All is New~ All is Now~

I wrote recently of the word entelechy this word now defines my spiritual path~~to have the deepest faith that all is well in our world, all unfolding in due course, each person awakening from within to their own purpose/joy without~~each wise soul courageously surmounting the outer obstacles that seem to be uniting us in deeper more harmonious supportive community. The entelechy of you awakening the entelechy of US. Of our communities. Our common unity. Could there be any greater truth, any more lovely gift?

Here in my homeland of the Grand Tetons, we are creating a gathering on June 25 to honor this: Time to share this immense Field of Love with all we love this summer. I thought that would happen last year. I see now that we made the deep internal shifts in 2010 with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions: 2011 is the externalization of that shift. First Within, Now Without***

All this is a preview for the coming attractions:the Pluto/Uranus squares of 2012-2013. In astrologese, this will be the flowering of the seeds of the revolution of Peace/Love/Joy planted in the 1960’s when these two planetary energies of revolution and transformation ignited the heavens. Peace~Love~Joy~no longer a longing for hippies but a deep desire arising from the Heart of Humanity. This is the Aquarian impulse. This is the Aquarian Field we are entering/co creating. One heart at a time. Peace~Love~Joy~ our new directive directing all our actions.

What attributes might be important in this coming world? Make up your own list. Here are a few of mine:

Beauty is not peripheral. It is central to all.
Remember your vulnerabilty, sleep under the starry Stars as often as possible.
When all is torn asunder, rebuild, not the walls that separate you from others, but honor what unites us: the heaven above, the common ground of Earth beneath us.
Eat/live like an animal, lean and green.
Reinstate the arts as CENTRAL to our children’s education.
Honor Play as much as Work.
Love the Earth everyday, in thought, in word, in deed.

I leave you with the gift of poem from perhaps our greatest poet of humanitarian love and celebrant joy, Walt Whitman. Thank you Roberta Anderson and Trish Morris, co-creators of Garden of the Thousand Buddhas ( for reminding me of this poem. I dedicate this post to both of you, in joyous gratitude for your astounding vision/resilient hearts, and also to my beloved friend Weston Pew and the Sacred Door Trail, the first conscious pilgrimage trail in North America

These are holy joyful projects of communal collaboration occurring in my home region of the Greater Yellowstone. May they inspire others toward sacred activism, the task of our time. Sacred Activism: putting the joy of your heart into loving service that benefits you and all. Sacred Activism: the task of our time.

Song of the Universal
Walt Whitman

Come said the muse
Sing me a song no poet has chanted.
Sing me the universal.
In this broad earth of ours
Amid the measureless grossness
and the slag,
Enclosed and safe within
its central heart
Nestles the seed perfection.
By every life a share
or more or less
None born but it is born
or unconcealed the seed
is waiting.

New beginnings: Grizzly Cubs compliments of beloved Bear 610/portrait by Victoria Blumberg

Note: I have so enjoyed entwining the inspiring art of friends into my posts. Poetry too to be part of this, so integral to my life. And now music, the most sacred of wordless languages. So this acknowledgement:

I wrote this post primarily to a piece of music entitled Prayer For Compassion by cellist David Darling. Two of our finest most discerning musical ears united in this project as in previous works: David Darling/cellist and Mickey Houlihan/muscial editorial genius/Wind Over the Earth Records These visionary loving men have provided inspiration/friendship to me over the years. Thank you Mickey and David.

Stellar and Spacious Peace to You,
Lyn Dalebout


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