Gemini New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon Gemini chart.

Tomorrow, June 1, begins this year’s wave of three eclipses, starting with the New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse at 11° Gemini, and moving on to the Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15th at 23° Sagittarius, and ending with the Cancer New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse at 9° Cancer on July 1.

The Gemini New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse focuses on a near exact harmonious trine between Saturn at 10° Libra and the Sun/Moon conjunction. Since Saturn is presently only four degrees from its natal position in the U.S.A. natal chart, I feel this New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse will be of particular relevance to this nation and its intense need to begin to dissolve political polarization in favor of genuine cooperation. Also, since Saturn is about to leave the aura of its long-running tense and powerful T-square with Pluto and Uranus, we can count on radical underground movement towards structural change. Hopefully, by the time Saturn turns to go into direct motion on June 13th we will see signs of this kind of healing.

Full disclosure: I watched the movie “Inside Job” last night, about the 2008 financial meltdown of the global ponzi scheme to enslave the poor by funneling massive wealth to the already rich. We taxpayers bailed them out. In 2011 the banksters continue to concentrate wealth at the expense of everybody else. So let’s just say I’m particularly attuned, this morning, to the archetypal Saturn in Libra issue of justice, fairness and equality.

For a lyrical, beautifully written contemplation of this Gemini New Moon and the three eclipses that it inaugurates, here is Len Wallick of

The Window Within – Gemini Solar Eclipse

On the first day of June we have a New Moon. It’s also a partial solar eclipse at 11+ Gemini just after 5:00 pm EDT. This event opens a month-long cycle of three eclipses that will conclude with another partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 1. Precisely in between, we have a Full Moon and total lunar eclipse on June 15.

In addition to opening a calendar month and a lunation, Wednesday’s conjunction of the Sun and Moon initiates a flurry of astrological activity. We will see a whole heaping handful of planets changing sign or direction before we see July. Most importantly, this merger of luminary energy also reveals a window within a window that will give you a glimpse at where we all are going.

First, there is a window of opportunity where space (length, width and depth) and time come together in four dimensions. The frame starts with the lunar nodes. The Moon’s orbit around our planet is at an angle to our path around the Sun. The nodes are the two points where the Moon’s monthly lap around the Earth intersects with the plane carved out by our annual circuit of the Sun. That plane is the ecliptic. The North Node is the name for the moving point where the Moon enters the hemisphere above the ecliptic. Conversely, the South Node is the spot where the lunar loop plunges below for the other half of its journey.

In terms of space, solar eclipses occur when the luminaries and one of the lunar nodes are conjoined. The nodal conjunction does not have to be exact. There is a lot of slack, also called orb. Put the Moon between the Earth and Sun. Then, line the three up within about 18 degrees of a node and you have a some sort of solar eclipse. Such wide tolerances are normally accorded only to federal defense contractors. In the case of what we are about to experience, the orb between the luminaries and the South Node, all in Gemini, is just over 12 degrees of separation.

In terms of time, there is a period of nearly 38 days twice a year when a either a New or Full Moon will also be an eclipse. That usually results in eclipses taking place in pairs. Every couple years, the lunation period of about 30 days falls entirely within the slightly longer window of ecliptic opportunity. That’s how we get three.

In this case, three is a charm. It goes beyond the number of eclipses and integrates three lines that converge when the Moon comes between us and the Sun the day after tomorrow. Those three lines form a triangular portal. That is the opening within the space-time window of opportunity. That is where we are going.

The first of the three lines that form the inner window transmutes from four to three dimensions. It threads from the Sun through the Moon and points at the current position of our northern geomagnetic pole. You read that correctly. The path of this eclipse across the face of the Earth intersects the place where the magnetic field converges and goes into a perpendicular stoop, diving into our planet’s interior. Like the lunar nodes, that spot is also in motion. Unlike the nodes, we don’t understand what makes it move.

That symbolically points to the hard fact that we know less about what we stand on, and who we stand among, than we know about an imaginary place out in space. It demonstrates that our state of physical existence is out of balance. It also goes a long way towards explaining how our relationship to Earth, and each other, have gone out of kilter as well.

Proceeding from the first, three-dimensional line, the other two sides of the inner window are abstracted onto the two dimensions of the zodiac. They are aspects. They compliment each other and imply a solution. One is Saturn’s trine to the conjunction of Sun and Moon. The second is a square between the dwarf planet Ceres and the lunar nodes. Together they figuratively close the orb between the luminaries and the southern node and focus the energy of this eclipse to a point.

The trine is a flow of fresh air from Saturn’s position in Libra. This breeze can serve to refresh our faith that cooperation can restore balance. The tension in our gut from the Ceres squares is an urgent notice from Pisces that our continued physical existence comes first. We cannot hope to evolve spiritually if we do not have bodies, or this place, to make it happen. Together these two lines of aspect complete the inner frame.

Like lenses in tandem, the two portals act to focus. The locus is the Earth itself. Time opens up its aperture to take in the entire synodic cycle of the luminaries, from one New Moon to the next. Luna’s shadow points to our planet’s iron heart. The line of that shadow traces back to the heart of the Sun. There is no separation. We know and feel that connection where spiritual potential finds its Gemini twin in physical limits. In Saturn those limits are not a defeat, but definition. Flowing from Libra with a will to partner, it sharpens the image from connection to cooperation.

Ceres extends the depth of focus to see renewal in an entire cycle. Floating in Pisces, it is slowing down in order to change direction soon, even as the nodes are doing the same. Combined, they hold tension between a visitation of consequence and a vision of creation.

Emulating Chiron, that tension forces us into awareness. There is no turning away. The cause and effect of wounded Earth and wounded people are everywhere. This does not mean we are helpless. It means we are responsible. We have not been left behind. Somewhere along the way, we have been left in control. Some of use are finally getting that. All of us need to.

A shadow is passing over the Earth. It is of our own making. It could become a long night, but that is certain only if we give up on ourselves and each other. In fear, we cannot steer. Trust yourself and see clearly. Act towards others as you would have them reciprocate and they will see themselves in you. Live as though life itself depends on what you do. Together, we can turn this night around.

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