Backgrounder: History of UFO/ET Cover-Up by U.S. Presidents since 1933

Jamie from has compiled a very useful chronological series of short videos and links to full docs regarding U.S. Presidents and their seeming conspiracy to keep the UFO presence from the public. (Yep. Let’s turn that word “conspiracy” around to face those who use it to label us as crazy or misinformed.)

Yet theirs is probably not an intentional conspiracy. In fact, U.S. presidents don’t have the kind of ultra ultra top secret clearance that would allow them full access! President Bill Clinton, when asked, said he wasn’t allowed to know.

As longtime UFO researcher Stanton Friedman put it on one of these videos: “Presidents come and go. Intelligence agencies go on forever.” So, Friedman claims, it’s easiest to just keep it secret.

According to another longtime researcher, Richard Dolan, it’s like pregnancy. You can’t just be a little bit pregnant. If the U.S. government started to let the secret out, its ramifications would quickly overwhelm not only the unsuspecting public, but those attempting to hold the reins of control. And yet, he states, if we want to begin to return to transparency in our government, then we need to let this cat out of the bag. “It’s a huge part of our history that has been denied to us for 60 years.”

I’ve watched most of the videos. And will check out the links. If you’re pressed for time, even just reading the summaries before each one is educational.

For example, if you don’t know about Eisenhower, and his two possible ET meetings, one with “good” ETs, one with “bad,” and his unfortunate decision to make a deal with the “bad” ones, you’ll see that summarized here.

If you don’t know about Kennedy’s request to NASA, only ten days prior to his assasination, that the U.S. partner with the Soviet Union to explore outer space, that’s here, too.

On and on. And of course, we see Obama, deftly turning the ET/UFO question into a joke, not once, but twice.

Now that a growing number of countries have released their files on ET/UFOs, how far can the U.S. government fall behind without turning into a global laughingstock? This emperor has no clothes.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the link to come up here. Go to

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