Paris Tosen: Alien Invasion Planned, to begin 9/9/11?

I wasn’t going to watch this video. Was just going to glance at it. But it magnetized me all the way through. Not only does it make “magical” sense of the timing of a number of recent events, but it also jives with Carol Rosin’s information about a fake alien invasion as the final card played by the dark forces.

First, the business of timing and magic.

Having heard that the cabal utilizes magic and ritual to decide timing of collective events, I wondered about the magical significance of the date of the claimed assasination of Osama Bin Laden, May 1, Beltane! And how this event was closely preceded by the royal wedding on April 29 (a very Beltanish event, the celebration of spring, and fertility). And, last but not least, what about that weird Disney-like dressing of bride, groom and two members of the wedding party?

Most people who see this photo just think it a funny coincidence. But I do wonder, given that mind control programs often use Disney films to create “alter” personalities in multiply dissasociated Manchurian candidates. (see for example, the Mind Control section on

Then, going back slightly more than two weeks, to March 11, when Uranus went into Aries (for the first time in 84 years), a new stage of the Mayan calendar was reached, and I noticed a conjunction between the opening release of the movie “Battle: Los Angeles” with the 9.0 earthquake off Japan and ensuing, ongoing, Fukushima catastrophe.

Moreover, I’ve heard there are many more movies about alien invasions planned for this summer, including one by Steven Spielberg.

I find this video especially interesting because Tosen ties it into 9/11 in a way that makes sense from the perspective of collective mind-control programming.

The point is, the more of us that know about this kind of nefarious plan, and any projected dates for it, the less impact it will have and the more likely we can avoid it altogether.

Shine the light into the fear and victimhood that have kept us for so long “in the dark.” Shine it bright, and long. Kiss that old creepy world good-bye.

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  1. sylvia says:

    hi Ann, not sure I quite understand all you’re saying here. Just wanted to comment that I’ve heard the first ‘disney picture’ wasn’t an original, but was made up after the royal wedding…what do you make of that?

  2. Wow . . . you mean the photo of the bride and groom attire, or the two women — I presume the latter. If that’s so, it’s just as weird.

    “Understanding all I’m saying here” involves digging into the cabal’s use of magic, ritual and cosmic cycles to amplify the effects of events that they set in motion. I’m no expert, but I’ve heard it mentioned a number of times. David Icke, for example, has a post up where he connects the wedding to Beltane, along with some ceremony held in the Vatican honoring some pope or other on the same weekend.

    I imagine they also use dates that other people set in motion, like December 21, 2012. Or this past weekend, May 21st, the supposed day the world was to end. I’m frankly surprised — and glad! — they didn’t use that date for some kind of large drama to keep the ignorant in fear. However, starting May 21 and ramping up through May 26, we endured the huge rash of tornadoes over the midwest, including Joplin, MO. So who knows? And maybe more were planned that didn’t take hold. And there’s still the little matter of the New Madrid fault under the Mississippi flooding, that, if it shakes, will disturb an enormous area. The week-long FEMA exercise there is done, which brings at least a little sigh of relief that they didn’t just use that occasion to let ‘er rip through some kind of HAARP or other tectonic weapon.

  3. zane says:

    it is 9 /9/2011 right now and there no sign of a invasion paris had good ideals but i belive no man will know the day this thing will happen if u think the blood familes are not aware of his speaking to aware the public he’s wrong did he forget they can also get on the internet as well and look him up or to see if there plans being compromised i dont think paris counted that step like come on if u was to know that someone was going to rob a bank and you told everyone that this would happen and the robbers found out do u think they would still go thur with it while everyones aware i dont thinks so thanks for ur infor Paris but i dont think this gonna happen when u say so rember they are once step ahead of us allways have been allways will

    • Just saw this comment, so sorry 9/9/11 is almost done as I write it! From listening to NPR this evening, it feels to me as if the doers of dark deeds don’t need to do the deeds anymore, all they have to do is invoke the “credible but unconfirmed” possibility of dark deeds, and they can call out their now greatly enhanced security forces to survey, interrogate, stop cars and search, go around train stations with assault weapons, etc — all this being done in a massive way in NYC today. And I’m not the first to add that this was the point of terror tactics in the first place, to cause the sheeple to become more and more obedient to control tactics of a militarized police state.

  4. Russell says:

    The cinderella photos were edited after the wedding, it takes 2 minutes of research to see that the cinderella photos were recoloured to look like the royal wedding, not the other way around.

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