Neptune in Pisces: Inelia Benz, and living "beyond space and time"

This Project Avalon video was forwarded to me a number of times before I finally got a chance to watch the whole thing (actually, since she sits in one place for the interview, it’s more audio than video; I went ahead and did my yoga/chikung/taichi practice with it . . .)

All those who comment on this video seem to find it utterly extraordinary — and this puzzles me.

I find it quite ordinary, in the sense that of course, that is what we do, we live our lives in the center of ourselves and watch the world change around us. Or, I should say, we who have lived long enough to realize that we can choose to live either from the outside in (where our behavior is conditioned and reactive to others’ expectations), or we can live from the inside out (naturally radiating the source of all that constantly flows through us into the world around us).

Enelia is unusual in that she began to live from the inside out when she was very very small, and what woke her up, and terrified her, and made her want to leave here right then, was that as a three-year-old she realized that people on this planet still went to war!

I woke up at about the same age, when the U.S. dropped not one, but two nuclear bombs on cities in Japan. Right then, I knew that the Bomb would blow up the planet in my lifetime unless I personally stopped it. So you could say that I had my mission right then, just as she did. Yet, unlike Enelia, I was paralyzed by fear for decades. I felt like Chicken Little, and pretended to live “from the outside in,” while knowing it to be a mask for something else that I was supposed to be doing. I felt like a fake and hated my life.

My wake-up call was an illness at 26 when I almost died and was commanded, by a loud, booming inner voice, LIVE OR DIE, IT’S YOUR CHOICE. As soon as I made the choice, the peritonitis disappeared and my life changed. From that moment on I have lived from the inside out.

I think she’s right, there are thousands of people just like her doing this kind of job. We are everywhere, each of us holding a center of equanimity during this historic, climactic era when humanity gradually or suddenly learns to shift from duality (and war) to oneness (and peace).

What warmed my heart about this video was the fact that it did feel so ordinary. So obvious. Just common sense, that she and I and many others would be sensing in common both the passing phenomena that keep most people distracted and enslaved, and the spacious, noumenal, infinite reality that lives within and beneath and above it, what is “beyond space and time,” as she would put it. What connects us all. This oceanic Love that moves through and lights up the world once we let fear go.




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  1. william wallace says:

    I was interested ( video) of whom Inelia refered as the evil one
    in having need of much healing. /Hence I went into the timeline
    as find out ( curiosity ) as had sneaking feeling as whom it t’was.

    I was 100% correct. /Anyone else having / worked out answer?
    not naming person of course / but did you manage /work it out?.

    One must keep account if being worst sinner or most enlightened
    it matters little to the teacher of teachers. Such door always open.

    At present times the spiritual teacher of teachers on planet EARTH
    be Prem Rawat // on PC search put ( words of peace ) on site being
    a large selection of videos // where Prem Rawat talks of ones needs
    in spiritual development by turning the senses inward via meditation
    in bringing a unfolding of the spiritual self // in very practical spiritual
    experiences // not of beliefs as ideas // but true practical experiences
    of the spiritual self //bringing clarity of understanding / as ones praise
    of the teacher of teachers // whom be the link betwixt/ finite / infinite.

    Meditation takes one to the point betwixt finite infinite // thus one able
    live in the material yet experience the spiritual / in knowing the essence
    of creation via spiritual experiences. Thus the final stage in development.

    Though saying final. // Such ones final of searching. // Ones spiritual life
    but begins / which one unveals much in spiritual learnings as experiences.

    • Thanks for your reference to Prem Rawat, who is new to me. I do wonder, however, if there is ever just one “spiritual teacher of teachers on planet Earth.” Seems to me that very thought leads to competition rather than peace.

      • william wallace says:

        Ann / An teacher of teachers does
        not give ideas as beliefs. /Does not
        say there be a heaven beyond the
        clouds / but teaches one in turning
        the senses inward // in doing such
        brings the unfolding of spiriual self.

        Such is Prem Rawat at such time he
        holds the key to open heavens doors
        a heaven within not above the clouds.

        Ann all the words in the world will not
        draw one unto the well // it only when
        the thirst for truth being so strong that
        one will venture to the well //thus they
        quench their need /their spiritual thirst.

        It the stage one being at is towards one
        in expanding of spiritual understanding
        if at such a stage then there be / on the
        (words of peace) site a large selection of
        videos with much learning / preperation.

        There be two kinds of people those having
        found the well as those whom seek the well
        it but stages of development /individuals at.

        I say this as t’was not a faith or trust in Prem
        Rawat // that took me in his direction // but
        my thirst in having / true spiritual experience
        it via true experience that I can now say Prem
        Rawat // gives practical / spiritual experience.

        If not ready for such / then you’ll be given such
        understanding in the preperation of experience
        thus in time venture unto a life as / based upon
        meditation / in daily constant merging with self.

        ps. if having sky tv /// prem rawat is on channel
        166 / on tuesdays 8-00pm / thursdays 5-30 pm
        satuday 5-30 pm / sunday 7-30 pm //proggs are
        repeated on channel 189 half hour later. Many in
        the media as in politics etc etc follow Prem Rawat
        as have taken to meditation in their lifes / thus he
        is not lacking support/such the TV access granted.

        PS. I should add no money involed in the process of
        learning as in meditation //such is totally free /thus
        it’s not an religious money making scam /be assured.

        pps. in addressing the point of your question / if due
        the best you’ll get the best. Prem Rawat / is the best.
        There not a (true) spiritual teacher worldwide whom
        not bow low before Prem Rawat / he’s the lighthouse.
        Much the same as christ in his time / one questions it
        not // but gets to their knees / as respect to such love.

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