Mid-week, Massachusetts, with grandkids, etc.

It’s been wild. The big event was Sunday’s drive up to Amesbury, where daughter-in-law Sue had entered her first 10 K race (with obstacle course), that ended in a muddy trench crawl. Sue on right, with her teammates. Victorious!

Here’s the grandkids.

Kiera (ten years old, and only 48 pounds) LOVES the whole pilgrim era. Even has a pilgrim house in the basement. She and two of her friends hammered real pilgrim beds together. Here she is on Patriot’s Day (in Massachusetts. Do they celebrate it anywhere else?)

She and I will spend our special afternoon together today, in Concord. I’ll pick her up at school and we’ll go first to Louisa May Alcott’s home for an official tour (Kiera LOVED Little Women), and then to the Concord Inn for tea.

Drew (seven years old, and heavier than Kiera) and I will have our special afternoon tomorrow. We’ll go to Kimball’s Farm for bumper boats and mini-golf. Sue tells me to prepare myself. The engines are noisy and smelly.

Here he is, practicing Tae Kwon Do moves.

And here he is, proud that his art piece (the orange one) was featured in a show at the local library.

Sue and Sean wanted one of his brother Colin’s Garden Towers, so I hauled it here in the Pius (oops, I mean Prius).

Here’s Sue, filling it with the fabulous soil created with the last five years worth of compost.

And finally, here’s me, with jutting tongue and lousy shovel . . .

Though I’ve been paying attention to the so-called “news” (much of it same old, same old), I’ve not been moved to shift out of Granny Annie mode, except for one piece that I’ll post next. It’s both amazing (that so many are putting their lives, or at least their reputations and time and energy) on the line, and disheartening (that it’s not noticed at all in the lamestream media) at once. Rise up, rise up! Let us greet the morning!

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