Eckhart Tolle: on the "pain body"

I’m always amazed and thankful to Eckhart Tolle for his wonderful capacity to actually describe the subtleties of what is going on inside our frantic brains and hearts. Even more amazed that his work has gained traction in our attention-deficit tea party culture.

I find this little video from him hilarious. It helps us to pay attention to — shine a light on — our own skulking “pain body” — which likes to hide out until it can create and feed on yet another repetitive drama (of suffering).

Once we gain conscious awareness of our pain body as a distinct, albeit sludgy, icky, yucky, snarky so-called “self,” we can dissolve it as a hilarious hanger-on from the past that we slough off time and again until it finally gives up.

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  1. When I first heard ET talking about the ‘pain body’ years ago it was literally like one of those light bulbs going off above my head…I got what he was saying instantly and in the context of the egoic mind it makes perfect sense…once you realize what the pain body is/ does then you can see EVERYTHING about how this world we live in operates and was constructed by the egoic mind! ALL the death and destruction and wars and greed and mental illness that has been created in human history is due mainly to the pain body, the emotional aspect of the ego…and only awareness can give us a choice to free ourselves from it’s deadly grip!

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