Total Paranoia Department, NOT!

I just discovered that yesterday was the first day of FEMA’s May 16-19 “National Level Exercise.” And I quote:

“The exercise will simulate a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault, which runs through the middle of the country along much of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. And since it’s a National Level Exercise, we are bringing all the relevant team members to make the exercise as realistic as possible – federal/state/local governments, the private sector, non-profit and faith-based groups, the public, and even the international community.

“While putting our catastrophic earthquake plans into the simulated event is important, we’re also focused on continuing to support the ongoing disaster response and recovery efforts in much of the southern U.S. At this time several adjustments have been made to the exercise, most notably in the level of play for those regions actively engaged in disaster operations. Specifically, the states of Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi and will participate through a simulation cell.”

Recall that FEMA was present in New York the day prior the 9/11 attack — google it. And google Dutch Sinse and others on HAARP, if you don’t yet recognize this weather technology weapon system’s likely geoengineering of the Japan, Chile and Haiti quakes, not to mention the recent supertornados and current flooding of the Mississippi on top of the New Madrid.

Now, here’s the kicker: May 21, just after FEMA’s “national exercise” completes, is supposedly the day of The Rapture,” according to one Harold Camping — who also predicted, in 1992, that it would happen in 1994.

What twisted minds think these things up, utilizing Christian fundamentalist apocalyptic scenarios to dovetail with and amplify their own nefarious plans? No doubt they are doing the same thing with the Mayan Calendar and 2012. Reminds me of how Christian churches were built on old pagan sacred wells and springs. Take what’s there and turn it to your own purposes.

Then there’s Elenin, the comet headed our way. Steve Beckow points out that ELE translates to “extinction level event.” Lots of comets and asteroids do sail through this part of the universe, always have and always will. One came through last November, as I recall. And remember, space rocks of any kind can be used to ramp up the empire’s plan for space-based weapons. Recall what Werner Von Braun told Carol Rosin about the progressive litany of excuses (those horrible communists! switch to those horrible terrorists! switch to those horrible asteroids! and then finally, the clincher, switch to those horrible ETs — in that order). They are there to keep us blinkered, terrorized, and obediently flogging ourselves to pay for the ultimate zadzillion dollar, “full-spectrum dominance” of our planet and solar system by the world’s only demented hyperpowerballoon that is, even as I type this, fast deflating.

In any case, whatever the evil plans of the cabal may be now, we can shift everything through the power of meditation. Google that, too. And see various posts on this site.

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