Scorpio Full Moon: illumine the darkness within

This is an unusually penetrating comprehension of and meditation upon tomorrow’s annual Scorpio Full Moon, considered the most powerful of the year. Combining two fixed signs that symbolize dense, earthy substance (Taurus Sun) with the possibility of emotional and spiritual transformation (Scorpio Moon), the Scorpio Full Moon embodies the essence of power. The Buddha himself is said to have been born, to have died, and to have received enlightenment during May’s Full Moon in Scorpio.

Let us bless the Earth as a living, breathing, intelligent being; let us be filled with gratitude as we participate in her capacity for continuous regeneration.

Thanks to Planet Waves.

Mystery to Light: The Scorpio Full Moon

By Len Wallick

…all of the laws of man working in nature and history and evolution say for all human beings to come always closer and closer together.”
Woody Guthrie

The Scorpio Moon exacts its opposition to the Taurus Sun tomorrow morning (7:09 AM EDT). That’s a Full Moon and it is neither “super” nor ordinary in any way, shape or form. It symbolizes a unique and special opportunity to examine and overcome the darkness that keeps people apart. It is also the gateway to a rare and powerful series of eclipses that will bracket the Cancer solstice.

Taurus and the implied second house represent the integration of life with matter, both in the animated body and what that body identifies as its own. This principle has been gradually accumulating momentum while a lengthy, complex and powerful collection of planets in Aries held energetic focus. First and fittingly it was the Sun that left the cardinal fire of Aries and its theme of initiative for the grounding of the fixed earth of Taurus just over three weeks ago. Then the New Moon — a conjunction of the luminaries — at the Beltane mid-point between seasons got the current lunation rolling. Now as that lunar cycle is reaching its peak, the personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars have joined with the Sun in the sign where self-awareness ascends to self-possession.

Scorpio and the associated eighth house is where personal resources are shared with others. The consequences of that sharing have generated social conventions that govern the exchange. Those conventions often involve confidences and financial responsibilities. Family, community and government have an avid interest in the transfers and transformations attending issues like sex, death and taxes. Paradoxically, those collective processes inhibit individual examination of the inevitable — death. That acquired inhibition, in turn, often keeps us separate and alone in the dark about what we need to know and understand in order to live whole and be free. That separation has, of course, been exploited by those who seek power and control.

The Full Moon in Scorpio symbolizes a light brought to those dark places. The question is whether we are willing to look. In the case of this particular opposition, the opportunity for illuminating the social shadows is magnified, having been preceded by an extended opportunity of self-discovery afforded by the Aries stellium. Because these particular shadows are a collective phenomenon, however, we will be required to build on self-awareness and go beyond.

We will need to seek, find and forge connections with those who wish to share mutual empowerment and support our growth. We are also being called upon to recognize and dissolve bonds with selfish power structures that would exploit our attachment to conditioned ignorance. But before we can act on the ties we have with others we must attend to what is within ourselves.

For just as surely as Luna’s full face is illuminated by the Sun, the ability to look into our common sources of isolation is lit from within. It begins with the hard feelings that we have become attached to through past associations with other people. Bitterness, resentment and lack of trust say a lot more about what’s on the inside than anything on the outside, in the now.

Whether carried forward from another time or another person, conscious and aware possession of our shadow material is what protects us from being possessed by it. While accepting the darkness within is integral to accepting ourselves, that does not mean we should cleave to it. Rather, we are best advised to recognize and then let go of these behavior patterns. If enough of us can do that, the light of our highest and best selves will be given room to take over and become our conscious identity. In doing so we can serve as an example. We can encourage others to let their guard down in turn so that we can truly say that the enemy within has been transformed into the friends we have been seeking. That will prepare us for the next phase of our journey when we will soon be called upon to join hands and bravely take a leap to promise when the luminaries next conjoin.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Dr. Kreilkamp. It is a pleasure to visit your website. May you and this enterprise be blessed proportion to your abundant grace.

  2. claudia says:

    two poems about the integration of life with matter……I found these juxtaposed in the
    first pages of Doris Lessing”s Briefing For a Descent Into Hell.

    If yonder raindrop should its heart disclose,
    Behold therein a hundred seas displayed.
    In every atom, if thou gaze aright,
    Thousands of reasoning beings are contained.
    The gnat in limbs doth match the elephant.
    In name is yonder drop as Nile’s broad flood.
    In every grain a thousand harvests dwell.
    The world within a grain of millet’s heart.
    The universe in the mosquito’s wing contained.
    Within that point in space the heavens roll.
    Upon one little spot within the heart
    Resteth the Lord and Master of the worlds.
    Therein two worlds commingled may be seen….
    The sage Mahmoud Shabistari
    in the Fourteenth Century (The Secret Garden)

  3. claudia says:

    This minuscule world of the sand grains is also the
    world of inconceivably minute beings, which swim
    through the liquid film around around a grain of sand
    as fish would swim through the ocean covering the
    sphere of the earth. Among this fauna and flora of
    the capillary water are single-celled animals and
    plants, water mites, shrimplike crustacea, insects
    and the larvae of infinitely small worms
    ____all living, dying, swimming, feeding, breathing,
    reproducing in a world so small that our human
    senses cannot grasp its scale, a world in which
    the microdroplet of water separating one grain
    of sand from another is like a vast, dark sea.
    Marine Biologist Rachel Carson,
    Twentieth Century
    (The Edge of the Sea)

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