Contact Established — with "Celestial Elf"! Thanks!

I’ve been glued to this exopermaculture site for about three months now (since late January with about two weeks off for various trips). For four or five hours a day, I scour the internet for what strikes me as relevant, and write up posts of my own when the mood strikes. And though I’ve asked others to join me, I have felt pretty much alone.

Many years ago, when I was running a magazine that I had founded, a friend of mine said that she sees me as the kind of person who climbs the nearest hill, scans the horizon, and then points to something out there, thundering “Come on gang! Let’s go!” Yep. “Double Sagittarius”. That’s me: cosmic cheerleader.

So now, with this exopermaculture site, it’s as if I’ve climbed a hill, seeking to explore the space that links the above with the below, and I’m pointing to this and that, and though more and more people are gathering (the site now averages aaround 250 page views a day), hardly anybody climbs the hill to join me by using the comment section — except for a few who know me in my “real” life.

Today, one of these people, my dear friend Claudia, told me about a prophetic, archetypal dream that her daughter had last night and the dream took my breath away. She’s going to ask her daughter if she will let me post it on this site. I would love to have a special section for these kinds of, what I call Big Dreams, that come through one person for all of us.

One woman, “SueM,” — I met her at my sister’s wedding in Seattle and can’t remember her face unfortunately — has sent me a great few leads for stories, and today somebody else sent me some research notes, and another person commented a while back about astrological research he had done (I found his writing interesting and asked him if I could post some of it, but he wants to think about it). Besides these nibbles, only Joan Bird, my UFO conference companion, has walked up the hill to join me as an occasional Guest Writer.

About a week ago, during a monthly dinner party that I’ve participated in for about three years now, a woman, whom I consider a good friend, remarked that though she loves me, “we don’t spend much time together, because our interests are so different.” Her remark caught me by surprise; for a couple of days I chewed on it. What did she mean? But then I remembered that I had given her the name of this site, in case she might want to take a look. And I guess she didn’t!

At any rate, this evening Celestial Elf flew in my psychic window like a little Tinker Bell, and he has not only commented on one of my posts, “Notes on Surfing the Future with a Divided Mind, Part I?” which talks, in part, about the futurist Jacques Fresco, and his Venus Project — but Elf also sent me his sweet little youtube video, “To the Venus Project,” which I’m going to feature here. Thanks, Elf! You made my day.

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  1. Julie says:

    Your comments and posts are brutally honest and sincere which breaks up my work day on the computer. I look forward to your thoughts and feelings that truly come from your own heart. Keep it up and when you think that no one is listening, you may find that we all are!

    You are a bright light …keep on shining it.

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