Reflections on that IMF head sex attack arrest

By this morning, yesterday’s sex attack arrest of the head of the IMF was all over the news. Apparently, whoever owns all the corporations that feed all the major news outlets decided this should be a big story.

And, I noticed, much of the coverage was laced with adjectives emphasizing class drama — one of the world’s elite vs. a (mere) chamber maid — with the luxury hotel suite and the first class plane seat as props.

I posted the first report of the story that I saw last night because I was surprised it had made the news, and wondered why and how. My first (naive?) thought was that finally the good guys are starting to take down the bad guys — at least I hoped that’s what it showed. That they just can’t get away with the same kind of cruel, brazen, feudal overlord behavior anymore.

And that may be true. However, this morning, I learned that as Managing Director of the IMF he was aligned with the Chinese in ongoing financial wars. And this made me wonder if he was set up right as he emerged naked from the shower by a mind-controlled sex-slave “maid” by whoever wants the fiat US dollar to remain the world’s currency.

And that may be true, too.

Or maybe Sarkozy was pre-empting a possible rival for his French throne. Or maybe, or maybe . . .

A lot of things might be “true” in this story, many of them contradicting each other, as usual. I wrestle with how to think about this or any other publicized drama where stories about them swirl through the internet ocean’s colliding currents. Then I notice myself doing this, trying to figure out what’s really happening, to get a mental handle on it. But why? Why do I care? Do I really think that if I knew “the truth” about this situation it would affect my life?

Well, maybe it would, in that maybe this IMF guy is some kind of kingpin, and bringing him down changes the nature of the game. For it does seem to be some kind of game, with good guys and bad guys, and huge stakes. But who brought him down and why? Who are the players and what are the rules? And is the underlying goal of all the half-submerged shenanigans really to either depopulate the earth of billions of “surplus people” (the bad guys) or to usher in a golden age of peace and abundance through free energy (the good guys)?

Or is this guileless, continuous need to make up “either/or” interpretations of “good/evil” simply the feverish workings of a mind once again mired in duality.

My late husband Jeff Joel used to admonish me gently when I got like this: “Look. Can you really control this situation? Is there anything you can do about it? Best to focus on what you can control.” So I decided to clean the refrigerator. See next post.

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