On cleaning the refrigerator with David and Ben

My smaller, energy-efficient, politically correct refrigerator is now five years old, and for the first time today I took out all the shelves, carefully separated the glass surfaces from their plastic casings, and cleaned them awkwardly in the sink. Oh, I’ve wiped down shelves before, here and there, and I’ve reached into the back to get old sticky, moldy yucky gunk out when I couldn’t crowd more stuff into the front. But I’d never dug down into the bowels of this dirty job — until now, when the promise of two mp3 audio tapes from David Wilcock enticed me, each an hour long.

So I put the ipad on the kitchen table, turned up the volume, and over the next two hours, surrounded it with curling old carrots, four half-empty jars of mayonnaise, salsa from three summers ago, partly rotted celery that I had forgotten about entirely, and an unopened bottle of white wine from my sister’s visit last November.

I especially enjoyed the first audio, which was David’s intro to the second audio, an interview with Ben Fulford, in November, 2010 that he just released a few days ago.

Actually, I was surprised I enjoyed it. Just as in his written material, David aims to tie together factoids from many different areas, ranging from scientific (e.g., gravity waves move like ocean currents, harmoniously, or not, and they can get stuck; and when they get stuck they have to eventually release — into earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions) to metaphysical (our consciousness affects gravity waves; when the waves are stuck, they mirror our own stuckness, into the constriction of fear), to action (meditate! — for when we meditate, our awareness calms and smooths, helping gravity waves return to smoothly functioning flow).

His point was that we are responsible for the state of the planet, and that we can change what’s happening through inner changes in ourselves. Especially, he says, when we link up; Russian experiments have demonstrably shown that a meditation group of only 7000 people can seriously affect the intensity of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and levels of violence.

I was suspicious of David’s last post, and said so. What he saw as the cabal’s plot, as he described it, seemed so complicated as to be contrived. But now, hearing more from him, I realize that his range is unusually wide and deep in terms of both his sources and the kinds of things he considers. When he talks or writes about any of it, he focuses each time on a few of the points that show up on the surface. So when he “ties things together” it can feel artificial, because the reader doesn’t feel the whole range underneath that is pushing those particular points to the top to be noticed.

I can’t say that I consciously remember all that he said, but what it did do was plug me into a background of understanding that makes me think that he probably does know what he’s talking about.

I found David’s interview with Ben Fulford less compelling, though quite revealing. Ben mentioned one wild theory — that the time between Full Moons has increased — which if true, we astrologers would have all noticed, since our ephemerides wouldn’t line up with the Full Moons in the sky. I don’t know where he got that piece of disinfo. And to be fair, he does say that he doesn’t really know if it’s true; his main point here is that we should never underestimate what the cabal might be up to, and that they even use solar system alignments in deciding when to provoke a tragic event. Well, yes, now that does make sense. And why wouldn’t they? To an astrologer, the idea of coorelating the flow of life on earth with the flow of cosmic life is a no-brainer.

A lot of what Ben said got pushed back into the corners of my mental refrigerator, where it will molder unnoticed until the next time I clean it out. And most of the economic stuff doesn’t even make it onto a shelf. One thing, however, did stand out. He mentioned that, having lived in Asia for 30 years now, he realizes that China, which we usually think of as monolithic and communist, is anything but. That China is as complex a society as, say, the European Union, with many different subcultures and factions. And that especially those educated abroad have a broader point of view. He also says that, unlike the U.S., China, historically, has not had an imperial, expansionist policy.

David pointed out to Ben what he called “the October surprise” — hey, I’m remembering more of what he said now! — some kind of package sent to the heads of multiple countries, telling them not to open until October 13th, I think he said it was. That if they opened it either before or after that date, it would cause a major explosion. In the boxes were instructions as to ways of creating free energy, all of which, he said, comes from a race of ETs who have been working with China.

Ben didn’t want to go there, into the ET realm. Says that he’d rather we stay with what we can do here, and not expect ETS to save us, because we simply don’t know when they will make themselves known. David however, thinks they are even now, in a process of gradual disclosure.

So I guess I did remember some stuff. At any rate, it was the most enjoyable refrigerator clean-out I’ve had in many years. It helps, sometimes, to multi-task. And the parallels between the moldy, unused, crowded parts of my brain, and the same in the refrigerator made me laugh out loud on this otherwise grey, rainy Sunday in May.

Here’s the link to the Wilcock/Fulford material. Thanks to Steve Beckow.

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