Uranus square Pluto: The next generation sues the United States

A generation of Davids sues Goliath. “We have the moral authority to look into our parents’ and leaders’ eyes and ask them, ‘Do I matter to you?'” Yes, you certainly do. You have the moral authority, and you do matter.

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Suing the States

Alec_Loorz.jpgAlec Loorz, a 16 year old member of the iMatter campaign and founder of Kids vs Global Warming has “filed a lawsuit against the United States of America, for allowing money to be more powerful than the survival of my generation, and for making decisions that threaten our right to a safe and healthy planet.”

“Today, I and other fellow young people are sueing [sic] the government, for handing over our future to unjust fossil fuel industries, and ignoring the right of our children to inherit the planet that has sustained all of civilization.”

“The government has a legal responsibility to protect the future for our children. So we are demanding that they recognize the atmosphere as a commons that needs to be preserved, and commit to a plan to reduce emissions to a safe level.”

“If we continue to hide in denial and avoid taking action, my and I generation will be forced to grow up in a world where hurricanes as big as Katrina are normal, people die every year because of heat waves, droughts, and floods, and entire species of animals we’ve come to know disappear right before our eyes…it’s going to take more than changing light bulbs and buying hybrid cars. I believe it will take nothing less than a revolution…a revolution in our entire culture and way of thinking, so that we value nature and the future of my generation with every action we take.”

Indeed, how can one obediently sit in classes, learning obviously obsolete material (look at the very world such ideas have produced), while the biosphere is routinely subject to devastation so thorough, extreme, and asinine that they, require new forms of measurement?

Characteristic of awakening digital natives across the globe, from the Middle East uprising and the DDoS activists advocating Wikileaks to the Slutwalks movement, Loorz addresses his generation: “I believe this revolution needs to be led by youth. It’s our future we’re fighting for, and we are some of the most creative, dedicated, and passionate people on the planet. We have the moral authority to look into our parents and leaders eyes and ask them, “Do I matter to you?””

“Also, as youth, we are the last group of people in the US who don’t have any official political rights. We can’t vote, we certainly can’t compete with rich corporate lobbyists… So we are forced to simply trust our government to make good decisions on our behalf.”

“However, it’s become clear that our government has failed us, by not protecting the resources on this planet we need to survive. Even though scientists overwhelmingly agree that CO2 emissions are totally messing up the balance of our atmosphere, our leaders continue to turn their backs on this crisis.”

It is unavoidable to draw the conclusion that the mechanisms necessary to sustain monetarism increases overall entropic degradation, increases aberrant, pathological behavior in individuals, and will doubtlessly ensure the end of our species.

The social order, the infrastructure, the forms of government, waste management, resource allocation, energy production, city design, transportation, and so on are irritatingly pre-Internet. All of this was designed prior to the development of our extra electronic brains–computers. The digital information age has made it clear that we can do better because computers are unbiased.

Loorz states that he’ll be meeting with attorneys “in every state in the US to demand that our leaders live and govern as if our future matters.”

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  1. Shodo Spring says:

    Hooray for Alec. I’ve been waiting for this.

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