Fibonacci Emergence

This little video identifies the mathematics of the famous fibonacci series in geometry and shows how it patterns the emergence of natural growth processes at different scales. I found the video highly informative and interesting, until the very end where, wouldn’t you know, the word “God” is introduced, and in a way that made me wonder who produced the video. Squinting closely, I see it’s p.r. for some kind of Christian conference.

To me, this shows just how easy it is for humans to move from a state of wonder and awe when we regard the obviously intelligent design of the universe to a state of needing to capture and control through explanations. As if our human psyche could put the ultimate mysterious immensity in a box and say there, that’s it! And furthermore, here’s who made it!

Oops! Now that I look at the video’s title, The Fingerprint of God, I should have known its bias! In any case, I do wish we would refer to divinity without using the word “God.” I’ve become allergic to the word, given how it usually implies some kind of framework of beliefs that we use to identify ourselves with some people and divide us from others.

What if we just forget about asking “who made it.”

What if we let of “cause and effect,” that seemingly basic hard-wiring of our brains, and settled into presence.

Imagine our connection with each other and our communion with the universe when we remain immersed in wonder and awe.

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