She knew her life was about to suddenly change . . .

I find this news story interesting, not only for its astonishment (she lived that long on basically nothing?), and not only circumstantially (Twin Falls, where she is hospitalized, is my home town), but as metaphor.

Think about it. Here we are, living through the final days of 5000 years of Empire, and like this woman lost in the wilderness, we are intuitively knowing, having an uncanny premonition, that this is it, that our entire world is about to drastically shift. Moreover, like her, we know that what’s next is beyond our present ability to comprehend and therefore to predict or control.

Either we are either going to “die” as a civilization, and possibly as a species upon this planet, or we are going to “be rescued” — by ETs and/or by our own emergent process of collective awareness.

Let’s pay close attention to our uncanny premonitions, our intuitive knowing. For that’s the first magical step; when this step is solidly embraced, then intuitive knowing opens suddenly or gradually into an awareness of the infinite horizon of love. So that it doesn’t matter which one we are facing, life or death — because they are one, they feel the same.

Woman found in wilderness knew end was near

May 9, 2011 10:51

By Reuters
Monday, May 9th, 2011 — 8:19 am

VANCOUVER (Reuters) – A Canadian woman who survived seven weeks stranded in the Nevada wilderness had a premonition her ordeal was ending but did not know if she was about to die or be rescued, her family said on Sunday.

Rita Chretien was recovering in an Idaho hospital, having survived by drinking melted snow and rationing a small supply of candy, food and fish oil as she read a Bible in her stranded vehicle to pass the time, doctors and relatives said.

Crews were still searching for Chretien’s husband, Albert, who she last saw on March 22, when he set off on foot from the vehicle to find help.

Officials say it is unlikely he survived the rugged conditions.

The Chretiens were driving from their home in Penticton, British Columbia, to a trade show in Las Vegas on March 19 when they got lost.

Their van became stuck in mud on a remote forestry road in northeast Nevada.

A search was conducted along their planned route after the couple failed to return home at the end of March, but there was no sign of them until Friday when two wildlife hunters found the vehicle with Rita Chretien inside.

She told her family she had a feeling a day before she was found that something was about to happen but did not know if she was about to be rescued or die.

“She got ready on Thursday for the outcome, and this is what it is,” her son Raymond Chretien told reporters in Twin Falls, Idaho. “She had books she was reading. She had time to think and pray for whichever outcome was to come.”


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