Moving Night Sky Lights: UFOs? Or artifacts of night vision glasses.

At the 2010 UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, one evening I was drawn to go with Ed Grimsley and a group of about 15 people out to the desert with night vision goggles to check the sky. He swore there would be UFOs up there, darting around and battling each other. I didn’t believe him — partly because, how could he just call up UFOs on command? Plus, his attitude seemed weirdly bombastic and militaristic.

But I did go, and I did see what he saw, what we all saw through the glasses, and sometimes, more faintly, without them. Moving lights, usually at about the rate a satellite moves, going in different directions, then sometimes stopping, or darting, turning corners, etc. And yes, sometimes they did seem to collide, but who knows what was really happening — or maybe I should say, what’s happening in other dimensions — since we’ve seen other videos of UFOs appearing and disappearing, merging with others, shapeshifting, little ones emerging from bigger ones, etc.

I told a dear old childhood friend of mine, now an amateur astronomer, to look into the night sky with night vision glasses the next time he was out in the desert with his telescope. He did, but considered the “darting” lights as artifacts of the glasses themselves, i.e., not “real.”

Here’s two sites with opposite views of the situation. I prefer the second one, with its beautiful slow-motion UFO smile . . . I’ll show that video here.

First, thanks to, on MSNBC, no less, this story that attempts to debunk Grimsley’s findings. I’d rather interpret those findings in a non-militaristic way.

Next, thanks to Steve Beckow, this site, with the smiling UFO — not so easily dismissed!


Watch it. The “smile” starts just after the 3-minute mark.

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