FEMA and other Dark Doo-Doo: Conspiracy or Reality?

In contemplating the unusual, eerie FEMA and possibly, HARP focus on the New Madrid fault zone, somewhere yesterday I came across a site that mentioned that FEMA was present in New York the night prior to the 9/11 attack, and that it was in London just prior to the train attack. The question naturally arises, at this point in history, what is FEMA for?

That same post yesterday concerning the New Madrid fault, also cited Dutch Sinse, who has been pioneering the tracking of HARP and other weather-controlling technology. Now it turns out that he is being stalked. This morning, when I tried to run a video that was on this Steve Beckow site from Dutch Sinse, it’s been “taken down by the user.”

Here’s another post that I got from Steve Beckow’s site that gives and overview of what seems to be happening, at least in one time-line.

Let us remember that with clear, focused, individual and group intent, we can choose another time-line.

From Conspiracy Theory to Practice: FEMA, D.U.M.B.s & The Light at the End of the Tunnel

“All that’s necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” (Edmund Burke)

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandparents telling me about how my great-grandparents, aunts and uncles were contained and exterminated in a Nazi concentration camp (Auschwitz). I listened, as they recounted the tragic stories of how they barely managed to escape with their lives with my 6-year-old father in tow. They spoke about arriving by boat into New York Harbor and how tears came to their eyes at the first sight of the Statue of Liberty. Finally safe and finally free.

When I matured, I studied documentary after documentary on the Holocaust and puzzled over the footage of long lines of naked, downtrodden Jews as they were led – almost effortlessly – to the gas chambers – heads down-turned with spirits broken…and I wondered…how on heaven or earth could this have ever happened?

Now, half a century later, as much of the nation’s population still labors under the misguided impression that our biggest concerns revolve around health care, the economy, and sustainability – military programs are well underway that appear to be culminating in crimes against humanity.

While the masses have been led to believe in and support a “war on terror” – fearing some external, radical group that is lurking in the shadows – readying their imminent attack on U.S. soil – our own government appears to be arming themselves for a major assault. But this time, could it be that the target is not an extremist “terrorist” group – but rather the American citizens themselves?


For those who are unaware – the government has devoted billions (if not trillions) of tax dollars to the construction of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) that are located thousands of feet underground. These state-of-the-art facilities are clearly meant to house, shelter and sustain large numbers of people, over long periods of time, from whatever catastrophic event may lead to the annihilation of the general population and the destruction of the environment. (see DUMB on Links page).

And while these structures have been, without a doubt, designed as a “safe haven” for the power elite – what is to come of the general American populace? What facilities and preparations are in place to tend to the needs of the people?


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been represented as the governmental unit charged with the responsibility of caring for the American population in times of event crises – to provide food, water, shelter and medical care to victims of disaster scenarios. But a closer look reveals quite a different picture.

Over 600 FEMA camps are now in place, (staffed and functional) across the United States. And while, on face value, we may feel initially comforted that these facilities have been erected to provide assistance to American citizens in need, there appears to be a chilling, deeply disturbing agenda on the horizon (see Links page for FEMA).

If one were to Google “REX 84″ (see Links page), several sites would reveal the number and locations of what are now believed to be American Prison/Concentration Camps to be utilized, under martial law, to “contain” the citizenry. But as if the “containment” scenario weren’t enough, could there be an even darker purpose and function of these military installations?

In addition to the hundreds of FEMA camps now in place nation-wide, millions of plastic coffins (capable of fitting 2 to 3 adults) are being mass produced and stockpiled in remote locations throughout the United States (see final minutes of DUMBS on Links page). And when taken in combination with the FEMA installation sites, one can only surmise the chilling fate that may be awaiting the unsuspecting American population.

The FEMA camps have been constructed as high-security military compounds – complete with electric fencing, watch towers and barbed-wire (facing in not out). Some of the compounds have been constructed along railroad tracks, and include immense brick warehouses with sealed windows and doors. And hundreds of thousands of “detainee handbooks” are now being commissioned by the U.S. government for immediate distribution to these sites.

In one Indiana compound, new gas lines (fairly large in diameter) run above ground, adjacent to the entire length of the building’s walls. As you can see in the FEMA link on the Links page, there also appear to be huge incinerators jutting out from the building’s walls – well above ground.

Look Familiar?

Like many descendants of Holocaust survivors, I would like to believe that premeditated genocide is a thing of the past. But as Edmund Burke once warned, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

So, based on what we do know, let’s pose some critical questions. If these FEMA camps are intended as “emergency shelters”, then why the high-security, prison-style format – complete with detainee handbooks? Why the electrical fencing and barbed wire to keep people in? Why the placement in remote areas – well outside the city limits of major urban districts? And why the need for watch towers, plastic coffins, and huge, above-ground gas lines and incinerators mounted directly onto the sides of these structures?

As a child, when I asked my grandparents why their parents, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews didn’t come to America with them, they paused, sighed and replied, “because they didn’t believe the “rumors” of Jewish extermination and they trusted that their government would never allow such a thing to take place.” But take place it did. And by the time my extended family realized their fatal destiny – it was too late to act.

Piecing Together the Puzzle

None of us would like to think that our own government is capable of, or intending to, round-up, contain and exterminate the citizens of this country. And while claims of “conspiracy theory” are raised, a critical analysis of what events have transpired of late appear to suggest that practice may be evident.

From the geo-engineered chemtrails that poison us from above and the genetically modified foods that poison us from within, to HAARP technologies that wage weather-warfare across our planet and the staged political stunts and assaults that falsely justify invasive acts of war – we now stand at the precipice of an abyss.

Do we, like my ancestors, want to procrastinate in our ability to wake-up, organize, speak out and act until it’s too late merely because we can’t bring ourselves to look at the disturbing and mounting evidence that lies right before our very eyes?

Operation Paper Clip

At the close of WWII, the U.S. military rallied to collect and “secure” as many Nazi scientists and technologies as possible – relocating them to the United States. At the time, the U.S. government stated that they were simply precluding the ability of the Russians from gaining an upper-hand by ceasing these “experts” and “methods”. But it also meant something else – that the U.S. saw value in Nazi methods and ideologies with the aim of integrating them into the U.S. military industrial complex (see Links page for Operation Paper Clip).

Make no mistake. As any social psychologist will tell you, many humans thirst for power, domination and control and will go to any lengths to ensure superior status. American history alone bears testament to the fact that this country was “founded” on the blood, sweat and tears of oppressed others. From slavery, Jim Crowism and Native American genocide and “containment” to the imprisonment and/or assassination of each and every man of character capable of influencing the masses – the U.S. powers have demonstrated their ability to engage in immoral and heinous acts to ensure the propagation of the elite.

If we are intended targets of genocide, we would not be the first. But Americans have a tendency toward complacency and arrogance in this regard, as many consider governmental brutality as something that happens “in other countries” – but not our own.

It’s important to realize that a globalist mindset of world domination knows no nationality. Greed, the hunger for power and control and the ability to murder, torture and abuse come in all human shapes and forms.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Alarming? Without a doubt! Futile? That’s for us to determine through the action of our own free will. For those willing to open their eyes and personally investigate the facts that are available by way of any computer or library, two options are available.

We may opt for denial, indifference or utter disbelief because the stark realizations implied by the facts are simply too dire to consider. Or, we can unify and face – head on – the negative energies that have designs on global domination.

Many of us have opened ourselves to the process of spiritual ascension and are learning that sinister evil – no matter how formidable – is simply no match for the power of positive collective consciousness. We are now on a high-road – far above and beyond the murkiness of lower vibrational energies. We must rise above the fear factors generated to hold us back and keep us down.

Victimization is a mindset – not a reality. We are only victimized when and if we condone our illusion of weakness, dependency and helplessness. When we internalize the illusion that we are helpless – we give permission to our abusers to be victimized.

As a young woman, I was a victim of domestic violence. I feared the daily beatings at the hand of my abuser and was convinced that I was helpless and hopelessly trapped. But one day, something inside me changed. I suddenly “envisioned” myself in a different life – a life of freedom and happiness instead of pain, suffering and demoralization. And once I was able to conceptualize this alternate reality – I was able to break free and escape my captivity.

Yes, my abuser was real – but my belief in myself as a victim was illusory. Once I dispelled this illusion, I soon gained the vision, strength and empowerment to begin life anew. In this same way, we must break the illusion of our separateness, isolation and helplessness to free ourselves from the grasp of the power elite.

If we cower in fear – we invite and attract victimization. If we react with anger, hatred and the desire for retaliation – they gather strength through the negative energy we emit. But, if we connect to Source and empower ourselves with the energy vibrations of light, love and collective unification – we can overcome any obstacle to our path of a rightful, peaceful and equitable existence.

As members of a divine family, we are powerful beyond measure. It is only our “illusion” of helplessness that seals our fate as oppressed victims. We mustn’t fear speaking out, loud and clear, about chemtrails, FEMA camps, and other aspects of corrupt oppression – as silence and conformity is, and has always been, a recipe for disaster.

We must acknowledge the darkness of the tunnel – but remain focused on the light that lies ahead. Dismantle the illusion of fear, dread, and helpless victimization and bring into focus the consciousness of collective unity so that we may break this cycle of abuse and destruction together – hand in hand – as we pave the road to a new beginning as our final solution.

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