Uranus square Pluto: Water fuels Dodge truck

One of the narratives circulating through the noosphere has to do with the necessity for official disclosure of ET/UFO reality in order to learn about free energy and thus liberate ourselves from the shackles of the polluting, greedy, corporatized, extractive energy behemoths oppressing humankind since the dawn of the industrial age.

But what if we don’t need the aliens to learn about free energy? Or maybe those who are inventing free energy devices now and sharing them freely with the world are aliens? Or have been communicating with aliens all along? Or maybe we’re all aliens? And not just in the sense that our cells are composed of star dust.

Humans vs. aliens: just one more stupid duality that keeps us shackled into dueling — either/or, win/lose, yes/no, black/white, off/on — 3-D polarities. Yuck! Let that framework go!

Unity consciousness, here we come! Imagine, free energy using water . . .

My inventor son Colin looks to pesn.com (Pure Energy Systems) as the most reliable website for free energy news. Here’s their story on one man’s use of water to power his Dodge truck 8500 miles.

10x Attempted Murder Survivor “Mr. X” to Reveal Water Fuel Secret

Mr. X has discovered a method of using water to fill up a gas tank and fuel a vehicle. After a series of ten unsuccessful murder attempts against him, he is ready to release full details of the technology to the public on the “Late Night in the Midlands” radio show.

May 2 Update:
Frederick Wells says he is not “Mr. X.”

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Glenn Canady from Project.Nsearch has posted a video message to Youtube. In the video, he announces that an inventor (Mister X) will be appearing on the “Late Night in the Midlands” radio show this coming Wednesday 10PM EST to reveal all the details about his water fuel technology. Mister X says he has survived ten murder attempts and is ready to reveal his technology to the world. He claims that this technology would allow vehicles to be fueled by water alone. A small amount (2%) of fuel may be added to prevent corrosion of certain engine parts.

As usual, you can expect that we will be doing a full report of his show, and we will be doing our best to provide a clear set of instructions resulting from his disclosure.

The inventor claims that he has driven 8500 miles in his Dodge truck on water alone! He also claims to have converted his car to run on water. On the program, the inventor will also describe how this technology can be used to produce electrical power for a home. If all of these claims are accurate, this technology could solve the energy crisis. It could produce motive power for vehicles and electrical power for homes. The world’s dependence on fossil fuels could quickly end.

He said that despite an offer from an energy company to buy out his technology for one billion dollars, he refuses to allow the technology to be shelved. He is very religious and feels God has told him to make sure this technology gets put to use.

These claims seem very similar to those of Frederick (Freddy) Wells who’s “Hydrogen Hog” technology has been featured at PESWiki. We have a shortcut domain to that page:http://FreddysCell.com, the official location for his open source information, which has been very difficult to get from him due to his right-brained way of inventing and researching. Though he said he wanted to share his instructions openly, getting those instructions clearly has still evaded anyone, this many months later. We don’t know of any successful replications yet. Like Mister X, Freddy also claims to have powered a Dodge truck with his technology. In August of 2010, he claimed to have driven a Dodge truck 3,000 miles on just water; then later he claims to have converted another Dodge truck to run in similar manner. In addition, Freddy claims suppression attempts have been made against him. Frederick posted a video toYouTube apparently showing his truck running on water alone.

Maybe Mister X is Freddy, but I kind of doubt it since Freddy is presently in the middle of commercializing a less revolutionary version of his system – for more modest mileage improvement – aiming for 250,000 units to begin arriving in the marketplace as soon as mid June.

It would be good if Mister X is a different person and is able to clearly communicate his plans to those who are able to replicate. The more, the merrier. This would give Freddy the marketing opening to come out with his full system sooner than he had planned

From what we can gather, Freddy’s technology is very similar to that of Stanley Meyer. It worked by producing ionized Hydroxy or HHO gas onboard from a special electrolysis cell. Some theorize that zero point energy shows up at that point, and this is where the added energy comes from that is able to propel the vehicle down the road. This gas is injected under pressure into the fuel rail of the engine. No fuel was present.

Mister X’s technology is described as one in which you can fill your gas tank with water, and a small amount of gasoline (2%, to keep things lubricated). Hopefully Mister X will also address the theoretical mechanism of converting the water to fuel and harvesting environmental energy in the process.

In the past, there have been claims of spark plugs that could ignite water to power an internal combustion engine. Perhaps Mr. X has developed such a technology. It could simplify the setup by removing the electrolysis cell and allow the gas tank to carry the water fuel instead of separate tanks being required. The cost of such a setup would probably be much less than one involving an electrolysis cell.

Glenn Canady has requested the alternative media make the news of this upcoming revelation go viral. He urges everyone to spread the word about this radio program, listen in, and have questions ready. They are going to try and keep Mister X on the line for as long as possible.

You can listen to the show by connecting to the live stream at the following two sites.

Project.Nsearch or Late Night in the Midlands.

The interview with Mr. X will start at 10PM EST on May 4th.

A story on the Nsearch website about the upcoming revelation can be found here.

Perhaps one of the more important spin-off results of this information being revealed will be the people of the world realizing that we never needed an economy based on oil. This technology has been around for a very long time, but has been suppressed over and over again.

When people start fueling their cars with water, will they start demanding an investigation of who was behind the suppression of the technology or what companies were involved. (At least the alternative media still has such curiosity; as the mainstream media just serves as lapdogs for the corrupt powers that be)

Will they demand that the oil companies, certain politicians, and members of the “powers that be” be held criminally liable for the hundreds of millions of deaths over the past hundred years that are a result of the oil based economy?

Will the politicians that are unwilling to pursue prosecution of those involved in the suppression of this technology, be voted out of office?

Only time will tell!

For right now, let’s start by spreading the word about this upcoming interview! With 23,000+ views as of the time of this posting, which was put up two days ago, it’s already doing well.

Here is the video announcing the interview and a transcript.


Hello Everybody this is Glenn Canady from Project Nsearch. And today I have fantastic announcement. I am proud to announce that the alternative media is about to break one of the most incredible stories since oil as first discovered. You know what? I’m going to say this right now. This story is going to be bigger than any thing you have ever seen on the fake news, period. And we all know the fake news only tells you what they want you to know. They work for the government. We know this because the banker bailouts paid a lot of money to our press to tell us lies. That is why they lied to you about the gulf oil spill, Fukushima, Obama, 9/11, chemtrails, and so much more.

Michael Vera and myself will introduce the world to an inventor now who is already running his car and truck on nothing but water. The dirty little secret out there that the fake news will not tell you is that we do not need oil, and we haven’t for a very long time. We are going to call this man Mr. X for now. His true identity will be revealed along with this amazing technology and all details next Wednesday night May 4th, 2011 at 10PM on the radio show Late Night in the Midlands. Mr. X has allowed me to release a few details prior to the interview so that people will understand what this all is going to be about.

Number one, Mr. X told me personally that when his video showing his truck running on water hit Youtube earlier this year that he was offered one billion dollars in cash to walk away from the invention. But he turned it down. He said no to the big oil interests. And he is a very religious man and he feels like God has told him to absolutely get this technology out to the world now. He turned down the bribe so what happens when you turn down the bribe? Then you get the iron fist coming next as we all know. Well, he related to me that some body has already or some group has already tried to kill him ten times already. With the last attempt being a bio-weapon that he was only able to cure through one of the things I talk about in my book suppressed health secrets. He will talk all about this in the interview on Wednesday.

Number three, because of these attempts on his life Mr. X has made sure that not matter what happens to him in the future that this technology will not be suppressed period. This was very good news to me because I am very concerned with his safety and I do not want anything to happen to him and I sure do not want this technology to be once lost again, as it has again, again, and again. Mr. X knows about how the game works and he has many, many things in place to make sure that it gets out this time. Let’s just say that. And I am very happy that he is smart enough to know that he is not trying to make a trillion dollars and get a patent on this. He is releasing it period.

Number four, Mr. X has a degree in something called Hyper Physics. His father worked directly with the very top engineers at a major defense contractor using the most incredible advanced technology that the United States has to offer.

Number five, he wants to release all of this information for the very first time on Late Night on the Midlands to get it out there. He said that he is very happy with the alternative media and how it is actually helped to get this information out there. And he will not go on the mainstream media period. He knows how the game is played.

So I am proud to announce that next Wednesday, God willing, and if everything goes ok, you will be able to hear Mr. X tell his incredible story to Michael Vera and myself on the show Late Night in the Midlands which you can get to through the websites you see below on this video. We have a player, a real time streaming player, on both websites. You will be able to listen to the show live. We hope to have this man on the show right when it starts. This is at 10PM Eastern Standard Time on May 4th.

And I’ve only got one more thing to say. I want everyone to get this information out there virally. I want as many people as possible to be listening to this and have your questions ready. We are going to keep him on the phone as long as we can. And we are going to have the best interview out there. So give us some support and once again hats off to everyone in the alternative media. We have an incredible thing coming and no one is going to stop it this time. Until I see you soon this is Glenn Canady from project Nsearch.

# # #

This story is also posted at BeforeItsNews.


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