Nukes. UFOs. and so-called "evil aliens"

Just in case that what I surmise is true — that the “death” of OBL, whether it occurred in December 2001 or in May, 2011, ends one excuse for the continuance of “full spectrum dominance” of U.S. Military and inaugurates the final excuse that Von Braun spoke of to Carol Rosin, namely, “evil aliens” — I’d like to remind us of the fact that ETs have much more reason to be terrified of us than us of them. After all, we humans are the ones that still assume we can control the uncontrollable, namely nuclear energy; and we are the ones who build, harbor, and even detonate nuclear weapons. They look at us and see a child playing with matches, not having any idea or concern for possible consequences.

If you doubt my word on this, then pay attention to what has been going on around nuclear facilities ever since we started this nasty business. Here is a video of the press conference at the National Press Club on September 28, 2010, at which seven ex- and retired military men tell stories of what they personally experienced.

Watch this video, and ask yourself, just who are these beings who have been watching us for so long, concerned not just for our welfare, but for our capacity to do unimaginable damage to this portion of the cosmos in which we all, including some aliens, live.

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