Barbara Hand Clow: "The fecundity of the Taurus New Moon is Nature's Beating Heart"

New Moon in Taurus, as interpreted by Mayan Calendar scholar and astrologer Barbara Hand Clow.

I put the most crucial excerpts in red, and my comments in blue.

The New Moon in Taurus has arrived, the time to ground and substantiate the great innovations that we each accomplished during the Aries lunation. The Aries New Moon phase is when we begin new projects and take on major commitments, and in 2011, this lunation inspired unprecedented levels of personal and global change. As you will see with this reading, the time has come to identify and strengthen the steps you’ve already made this last month. In the midst of a species-level growth progression during the end of the Calendar, we are all very affected by changes in our personal lives that influence the opaque collective dance; this reading will address both levels.

Since the collective field seems to challenge our personal lives so greatly now, we begin with a look at world events in light of the Universal Underworld time acceleration. [See The Mayan Code by Clow.] Astrologically, Saturn opposed Jupiter on March 28, a day when the Sun squared Pluto, which was a time of nearly unbearable nuclear-power tension plus civil wars in the Middle East. The 9.0 Japanese quake and tsunami that caused the nuclear disaster occurred during the opening of the Universal Underworld, just when the Middle East also exploded, making these the major themes that will play out during 2011 as the Universal Underworld unfolds. Potential financial debacles are also continually lurking in the background, such as the downgrading of US credit (Treasuries), debt pressure in the Euro-zone, and rising oil prices. However, for this reading, we will take a close look at the crisis in the Middle East, since I’ve already discussed the crisis over nuclear power. I believe by the end of this year, the world will realize it must cease building nuclear power plants altogether unless a safe way to transmute the waste is found.

The crisis in the Middle East is a struggle for human liberation that is also sounding the death knell of the world religions; they are used by elite powers to divide and polarize the people. It is one thing to use religious beliefs to make viable communities that support people’s needs; it is an entirely another thing to set up “gods” that drive people into killing one another. This is self-evident, yet now the time has arrived to transform the specific roles that each religion and its believers play in the Middle East. For example, Israel must either support a peace plan with the Palestinians as soon as possible-or Israel will live in perpetual fear, based on the revolutions in its neighboring countries. By getting involved in wars on three fronts while being essentially bankrupt, the US is not going to be able to defend all its allies in the region. Israel is going to have to make it on its own now, which brings up a huge crisis that all religious believers must process now. And that is the truth that world religions are based on apocalyptical addictions-yet the world is not coming to an end! More and more people see that humanity will just grind along and degrade Earth, unless people’s energies are redirected to solving real problems, one by one.

To help release this locked-up struggle that has been building during five thousand years of human history, we must examine personal beliefs. More people everyday are realizing that there is no “deus ex machina“-a god who will come down through the clouds to save the people. Many people are facing the fact that we must change each part of our own worlds in ways that are not ecologically destructive. These systems, created during the 5,125-year historical cycle, the 256-year industrial cycle, and the 13-year technological acceleration since 1999, must go unless they support life for all equally, and we have to make these changes right within our own lives.

I began with these thoughts about the world religions because they often deny our aspirations for a better world; they have become blinders on our consciousness. Each person must identify his or her blindness and withdraw it from the collective mind to purify our 4D connective zone. For example, assuming you are pissed off about rising fuel costs in a diminishing economy while the oil companies report huge profits, then why aren’t you furious that global powers fly planes and transport soldiers and weapons that deplete all the fuel that the people need to live? Why aren’t you pissed that Obama is pulling the US into a Drone air war in Libya? Why are things like this? Well, many hold deep beliefs about the right of human dominion over Earth. And why aren’t you livid that nuclear plants have been built all over the world that spew toxic waste that is creating dead zones on our planet that resemble human cancers? Deep inside, most people haven’t totally eliminated god poison, so the analog of that god-the Bomb and nuclear power plants-may be festering within you.

It may seem that I am walking down an odd path, yet to comprehend our personal paths, the struggles we are having now are inspired by events that literally threaten the survival of our species. People are so blinded that they can’t even see what is at stake now. Why are the people of the world marching toward destruction like lemmings to the sea? The answer is, something in their minds is making them believe they are indestructible, which is patently absurd. Considering this, I will read the Taurus New Moon seeking clues for how we can remove our blinders and realize that our survival is at stake. Right now, many people in the Middle East are already removing their blinders, even if they have to die for this cause. The people of the West will follow as soon as they see that they’ve been led into the center of a maze-the fairy tale that god will save you, instead of you saving yourself!

And in hoping for ET intervention, are we still blinkered, begging for another deus ex machina? I’ll never forget the day in February, 1976, when I fell from a canoe into the swiftly moving Snake River, around dusk. Even in my extreme state, I consciously noticed the instant yank from my “deus ex machina” trigger. And noticed, as well, my utter astonishment that no god was going to pluck me from the river; I had to swim for shore or die.

Considering the chart, Aries energy is very dominant just as it was during the previous New Moon in Aries: Five planets are in Aries-Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars-and they still are challenged by opposing Saturn in Libra. As already mentioned, Jupiter in Aries exactly opposed Saturn in Libra (protracted struggles against authority to attain justice for the people) on March 28, the day of Obama’s speech justifying American intervention in Libya, and the NATO allies have been playing out various roles now that the emperor has spoken. So, as we analyze these planets in Aries, keep it in mind that the New Moon In Taurus is poised to ground or make real these innovations that occurred under Aries. Since the goal is to ground the steps we took during the previous lunation, what was your heart’s desire that you focused on last month? Recall that this stage of evolution is about identifying the master switches we need for co-creation, and that these switches can only be found in our own experiences. Possibly you intended something last month that you dropped, and you are creating something else? What is your heart’s desire now?

Nothing is going to stop the meltdown in the Middle East except a complete restructuring of East/West relations. Your part in this duality-processing shift is probably exactly what you ended up seeking during the Aries lunation, since your personal harmonic creates the greater whole. During this New Moon, the closest opposition to Saturn in 12 Libra is from Venus in 15 Aries and Mercury in 17 Aries, which operate as a duo-Venus softens us and makes us receptive to change, while Mercury adds intelligence and insight to what we feel. Saturn in Libra demands justice, so Mercury and Venus make you receptive in your heart while using your monumental intelligence. I stress the world religions now because about ninety percent of the human race is corded into them in the fourth dimension (4D), and the global elite uses these cords to manipulate the puppets-the blind people. Mercury close to Venus (and opposing Saturn) says use your intelligence now to go into your heart and transit yourself beyond 4D-the Global Elite trap zone. When you move your consciousness into the higher dimensions, it is very easy to see what’s going on with this planet. Get yourself off the game board, widen your vision, and support ethical and heart-centered decisions now.

Jupiter is very close to Mars and they joined on April 30, so the strength to expand your potential is very enhanced now. Jupiter and Mars are exactly quincunx the lunar North Node, a very potent aspect. The North Node in Sagittarius calls us to fight for liberty and freedom, to activate the sacred fire of truth in our hearts and minds. So, Mars/Jupiter in Aries carries us beyond limitation so that we can follow our true karmic paths to activate our free will, the greatest potential of our species. We actually can activate our consciousness and change things, and this New Moon and the entry into Night Two of the Universal Underworld on May 2 describes these changes. The opening of the Universal has sounded the death knell to nuclear destruction and wars based on National Underworld religious beliefs. The Mars/Jupiter conjunction exactly trines the lunar North Node, instructing us to get truthful. Uranus in early Aries squares Pluto, which begins the grand restructuring of the human mind and the political landscape based on practicality; this process will be accomplished by the influence of seven Uranus/Pluto squares from 2012 to 2015. It is time to see that everything that is “out there” is sourced in the human mind, so that we can move out of 4D control and pull the higher dimensional forces into our solid dimension-3D.

It is unusual to do a New Moon reading and leave the New Moon alone until almost the end. This is because this New Moon has the keys to the personal tools we require to take off our blinders, and it describes an attitude that would benefit almost all of us: The New Moon in 13 Taurus draws us into luxuriant nature, into the sweet folds of Gaia. Yet, as we respond to that lovely annual harmonic, this year we are troubled in our minds. Do we deserve Nature’s beneficence when she has been garroted in the Gulf of Mexico and is getting burned by radiation in her waters and shores? Is there a message for us in the terrible tornadoes that ravage the US homeland? The answer is, we must become conscious keepers of Earth, and during this New Moon, Saturn is the guide. Saturn travels through Libra every thirty years, creating balance and justice, and in this case, Saturn exactly quincunxes (150 degree angle) the Taurus New Moon. That is, Saturn’s agenda of harmony and homeostasis is pushing us to fill our cells, minds, and hearts with Nature’s potency this spring. Under the radical shifting caused by all the transits to the planets in Aries, we are asked to birth Nature within ourselves. When we came here, we chose to be keepers of Earth; this was our ancient wisdom intention, our hope.

Our long phase of forgetting Earth is ending, with Pluto in Capricorn in charge of this potent quincunx. Pluto trines the New Moon, adding earthly support to the New Moon’s agenda, and squares Saturn, challenging the father god.

The type of asymmetrical geometrical figure formed Pluto square Saturn trine Moon inconjunct Saturn is what I call a “triangle of continuous growth.” The frictional square keeps fueling the process, the harmonious trine keeps balancing it, and the subtly disharmonious inconjunct keeps making tiny adjustments — so that the process not too much, but just enough; not too destabilizing as to be cataclysmic, but instead rides the wild edge of discontinuous change. In this case: primal forces of creation and destruction (Pluto) of structures that have been held in place for centuries (Capricorn) proceed step by cautious step (Saturn) through tiny adjustments towards equality (Libra), via the ebb and flow of human feelings (Moon) in resonance with Nature’s upthrusting life force (Taurus).

The fecundity of the Taurus New Moon is Nature’s beating heart, a force that is greater than all human agendas. We are moving faster and deeper into this healing than most of us comprehend.

Neptune moved into Pisces (the home sign) on April 4, where it will remain through August 4. Wow, I wasn’t paying much attention to this shift, yet I sure felt it. When Neptune went into Pisces, unless you were located in a zone of extremely high awareness, all kinds of addictions and confusions dripped out of the collective into your personal field. The 4D control cords just took over, and people had to get truthful about their addictions or go down hill really fast. I observed people going both ways, while I started meditating like never before. I find so much potential in this transit, especially since Chiron is right nearby, helping Neptune, the watery giant, heal instead of just fog our minds. Neptune is like the peptides in your body that move around and set off all kinds of metabolic processes, but you can’t identify the influence until you feel it. There are many people who did wonderful deep healing work while Neptune and Chiron were conjunct in 2008-2010; this inner strength feels pleasing, and it will be a lifesaver during Neptune in Pisces. These personal accomplishments are also influencing the collective zone very positively.

Meanwhile, the confusions reigning in the world with Neptune in Pisces are daunting. Neptune can be used as a very high guide, however, if you face the truth, especially regarding the world religions. These religions inspired humanity to build civilizations and cultures during the National and Planetary Underworlds. But, now they are functioning mostly as agents of destruction and control. By activating the high essence of Neptune within yourself-opening your heart to Nature and to all beings in the world-you are poised to let the religious fairy story go unless it inspires people, instead of killing them. The elite plot to end the world is not–and never was-the ultimate plan of creation.

Postscript: We stayed up in the middle of the night to watch the wedding of Kate and William. The sermon by the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, was an extraordinary example of Universal Underworld “Oneness” moving into our world, and right in Westminster Abbey! (You can view this sermon on a ten-minute video by searching online.) Bishop Chartres transcended 4D and pulled the royal wedding into the sacred dimensions, which then moved down into the 3D world of Westminster Abbey. This ceremony and sermon were viewed by over one third of humanity!

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