Rama Jyoti Vernon: Japan, Radiation, and Spiritual Emergence

An excerpt from an article by Rama Jyoti Vernon in the latest Jean Hudon compilation caught my eye, as it dovetails with an intuition that has been sitting in me and that I have been reluctant to mention, since it might be a total pipe dream. This is that the effects of the radiation that continues to spread throughout the world from Fukushima may vary according to one’s level of awareness.

I keep thinking about channels who talk about how our physical bodies are shifting from carbon-based to crystalline structures (I may not have the language correct here), and coupling that idea with what I definitely experience personally as an enormous increase in light beaming into the earth and its inhabitants at this time. With this coupling, I can’t help but slip in the idea that nuclear radiation, at least at low doses, even if prolonged, might or can resonant with and even amplify crystalline-based structures, since both seem to have to do somehow, with light.

I’m speaking as a total neophyte here. But it did make me sit up and pay attention to this excerpt from Rama Jyoti Vernon, a yoga teacher who has also spent many years traveling the world as a citizen diplomat.

We are now facing more tides of change. The danger of radiation spewing into the environment hovers like an invisible shadow over the survivors in Japan as well as other parts of the world. . .

I have received calls from Yoga teachers throughout this country who know of my exposure to radiation and depleted uranium in Chernobyl, Kosovo and Afghanistan. They want to know what I have learned about living with radiation after enduring damage to my health and surviving two near death experiences as a result ofthis exposure. The greatest piece of knowledge I can share with you I learnedfrom the Soviets during my eight years working in the former Soviet Union.

Some of my Soviet colleagues were working with the children whose lives were
shortened since the fallout of Chernobyl. They built salt rooms that looked like
crystal caves for the children to remain in for a specified length of time. They
used medicinal herbs indigenous to their region. Yoga was a mainstay for
strengthening bones, balancing the endocrine system and raising the blood
count on those little beings dying of leukemia. Before Chernobyl, the Russian
children had strong bones, strong bodies and thick lustrous hair. After
Chernobyl, I was shocked to see the children with their wispy hair, weak limbs
and alarmingly thin weak bodies. Some children would be fortunate to reach
the age of 15, diagnosed with illnesses of many names but all traced to the
aftermath of Chernobyl.

A group of doctors and healers were having success with their groups of
children. I inquired into what they were doing. They described the
environmental conferences they held with their affected neighbors of the
Scandinavian countries. They were concerned about contamination to the fish
in their seas, to the grass-fed milk cows, to the lands, rivers and lakes. They
were concerned about the air they breathed and the earth itself. They shared all
of this, and then said they would tell me their secrets of offsetting the effects of
radiation. I moved forward in my chair totally attentive to hear of a miraculous

They told me that radiation is light and has a high vibratory frequency. Through
their spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, Yoga, eating less dense foods and
faith and love of God, they could raise their own cellular vibration to that of
radiation to offset the harmful effects. They were smiling and even joyful.

“You see,” one Russian doctor bubbled with excitement, “We are using
radiation as our spiritual guide. It forces us to be more fully conscious each
moment of every day. If we have a negative thought it reduces the vibratory
frequency of our cells and we become more susceptible. If we are angry or
critical, our cells vibrate at a slower pace and we can become ill. If we become
lighter, we become light and become one with the light of radiation. You see,”
they beamed, “radiation is our spiritual practice.”

I was reminded of this profound statement last September in a laser light
seminar. I shared the stories of my exposures to radiation with the seminar
leader and he responded, “You’ve received the light. Now it is time for you to
give it out.” It was a profound moment for me and reminded me of the wisdom
of the Russians I had forgotten; it was time to raise the cellular vibration to the
speed of light. Renewed health and energy began changing my life from that
moment on. After using the laser, I felt energy streaming into my cells creating
greater balance and strength. Now I feel better than I have in 30 years…have
greater strength, energy and enthusiasm than ever before. Perhaps the
greatest gift radiation can give us is a trim tab shift in perception. Instead of
seeing radiation as destructive to health we can use it as an opportunity for
spiritual evolution.

. . .

This is an emerging spiritual “crisis” for all. We are all moving through intense life and earth changes together. Perhaps we can individually and collectively speed up the cellular vibration to match that of light so we can live a long and healthy life and thrive spiritually as our hearts expand to hold all peoples everywhere in its petals like a parent embracing a lost child. If we truly believe in our unity with our brothers and sisters of the one humanity, we know that we affect each other just as the butterfly affects the whole world with the flutter of its wings.

Rama’s suggestions for increasing the frequency of cellular vibration to that of radiation:
• Practice Yoga, applying its philosophy into everyday life
• Meditating and chanting help speed up molecular vibrations
• Refining our diet lightens our cells
• Releasing habit-forming substances that slow down cellular vibrations
and cloud the mind
• Transcending critical thoughts of self and others
• Speaking words that heal rather than wound the hearts of others
• Transcending all political, religious, ethnic and racial boundaries that
separate nations, states and people
• Walking lightly upon the earth
• Meeting everyone as if they have a broken heart
• Blessing all who cross our path
• Remembering our Oneness with all Beings
• Forgive, Forgive, Forgive so we can lighten our heart and every cell of
our Being

There are many more practical suggestions for helping to clear radiation from the physical body in this article, as well as links to other like-minded sites.

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