UPDATE: Video of Giant (Real? Faked?) UFO over Fukushima

I found this last night, just before I went to bed, and so posted it without any background.

Now, in the morning, I’m googling “giant UFO over Fukushima hoax?” and not finding much, which surprises me. There are a few who wonder if this video, made for German TV, is computer generated, or some kind of human-made apparatus to check on the site, and so on, but I detect no real push to call it a hoax — at least so far.

I’m surprised, because it’s just such an astonishing video! If it’s not a hoax, then would it be the opening move in world-wide disclosure?

On the other hand, what would it take, what would it really take, to knock us out of our collective refusal to enlarge our perspective to include ourselves and our Earth as participating in the larger cosmic life?

Many of us who have popped into a larger view would love to think the galactics are here to clean up the radiation — and in fact, we’re counting on it! — since we humans obviously are in over our heads with the Fukushima catastrophe. I, for one, am sure the galactics are helping to clean it up. There’s lots of testimony from retired military regarding how ETs monitor nuclear sites, have prevented accidental launches of nuclear missiles, etc. (google it!). And a number of channels, e.g. Salusa and Mathew Ward, speak of how the galactics have been cleaning up nuclear radiation ever since we started on this foolish path to try to control the uncontrollable.

So, I’m sure the galactics are monitoring this situation, and cleaning up what they can. But to think that they are doing so openly is, still extremely hard for me to accept, given the continuing bristling belligerence of the U.S corporate military.

All of which makes me come down on the side of “hoax” of one kind or another. Damn! Wish I could say otherwise, and hope I’ll be proven wrong.

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