UPDATE: to Suzy Ward Channeling Hatonn on Earthquake Radiation

This UPDATE to Steve Beckow clarifies part of the title of a post on the Hatonn channeling from earlier today, as well as discusses today’s 7.4 aftershock that, I read somewhere else, occurred in the same area, but ten miles deeper than the first one (the first one was 20 miles under the ocean, this one 30 miles)!

From: “Suzanne Ward”
Date: April 7, 2011 4:40:29 PM PDT
To: “Steve Beckow”
Subject: Re: Hatonn: We are Containing the Fukushima Radiation as Much as Possible

Hi, Steve…

Your subject line indicates that Hatonn said they are containing the radiation…. That’s not what he said. He said they’re containing the reactors (my note: meltdown, explosion, whatever else might happen in their precarious state) and reducing the radiation. It’s enough to put in the subject line “Hatonn’s Comments April 6.”

The 9.1 quake set a lot of energy in motion, which is the natural effect of any quake, and the Illuminati have added jolts to keep the quaking going. Our nearby space family are continuing to level out the effects.

Hatonn explained before that dismantling the interconnected Illuminati technologies involved also would disrupt power and communcation services we need. Matthew has said in messages that our space family is authorized to prevent all 9/11 type terrorism involving missiles with nuclear warheads because of the damage nuclear explostions have done to SOULS in space;

I wonder what this means . . .

they’re not authorized to prevent manmade quakes or storms because those release the negativity that Earth needs to be rid of and also those events provide opportunities for people to fulfill soul contract choices to wind up 3D experiencing.



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