Our Nuclear Future: Beyond (way beyond) the 7th Generation — or not??

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Excerpted from “No Safe Levels of Radiation in Japan,” Al Jazeera: http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/features/2011/04/20114219250664111.html

Sullivan explained that when dealing with long-lived radioactive materials, in addition to carcinogens there are inter-generational effects that include the mutation of the genetic structure of life.

“This is permanent and irreversible,” she added.

Sullivan uses Fukushima reactor No. 3 as an example, because it is fueled with Mox fuel uranium and plutonium. Plutonium has a half-life of 24,000 years, which means it is carcinogenic and mutagenic for up to 250,000 years, or 12,000 human generations.

A radioactive half-life means that in this case, in 24,000 years, half of the ionizing radiation will have decayed, then in another 24,000 years half of that radiation will decay, etc.

“That’s not really understandable or explainable in a conventional sense of knowing,” Sullivan said, “We have to apply our moral imagination to 12,000 generations to even begin to understand what we are doing in this moment.”

So, according to this author, the situation is basically hopeless and will last forever. However, channels for both Salusa (via Mike Quinsey) and Mathew Ward (via Suzy Ward) say that ETs have been cleaning up most of the radiation we’ve been spewing through our reckless ignorance and bullheaded lust for power over the past 60 years. (Google each of them and search through their sites.)

Once again, I invite you to look at Ingrid Naiman’s new site: www.zerorads.

Plus, you might want to google: “Paul Stamets and mushrooms and radiation”

Ultimately, I think we will get through this unspeakable, long-running emergency, and that Fukushima will be viewed as a holy event that helped shift the consciousness of humanity. Moreover, the mushroom cloud, rather than a symbol for unimaginable destruction, will be resurrected as a symbol for the extraordinary imagination, will, and creativity of the transformed human spirit.

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