Neptune in Pisces: Reality and Illusion

Note: this is my second post on Neptune in Pisces. Here is the first.

This morning, on the day Neptune entered Pisces for the first time since 1848, during my usual breakfast-surfing-with-ipad-in-big-chair I found myself (reluctantly) glued to Richard Hoagland’s third, “updated” (not sure when, sometime in 2010) account, analysis, and perspective on the December 2009 Norway Spiral.

Not sure how or why I ended up at that specific website — except that the seemingly magical blue spiral radiating out over the Norway sky during the pre-dawn darkness in near-perfect synchonization with Obama’s Nobel speech still astonishes me. And I remember also, the gigantic tetrahedonal figure or structure (or UFO?) that seemed to float eerily in the sky over Moscow at about the same time . . .

Since then, we’ve been subjected to the massively destructive Haiti and Chile earthquakes, continuing astonishing revelations of bankster malevolence, more military shenaningans in Afghanistan and Iraq, bloody and/or non-violent revolutions in the MidEast, a new war in Libya — all this prior to the 9.0 Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and ongoing nuclear catastrophe! Geez, and we’re still here?

So, back to this morning: I was scrolling through Hoagland’s detailed account — and it was long, long! With lots of charts and photos. I managed to crawl all the way through it, though I’m not a scientist. And when I was done it felt like my head had been put through a wringer. Hoagland’s essay is a tour de force left-brain construction of why and how the blue spiral was both a Russian missile gone amuck and some kind of HAARP intervention. I had to admire the complexity and ingenuity of bringing such diverse data streams into seeming congruence. And I couldn’t help but notice what seemed to be his intense determination to “get,” to “figure out,” what this damn thing was, once and for all!

Why? To win the battle with other interpreters? To devise a plan on the basis of his conclusions? To shift the way he thinks?

Why do we so much need to figure out whether any particular phenomenon is “real”?

(And what does “real” mean?)

The same kind of burrowing into the minutia of “the facts” is now happening with the (so-called?) UFO over the Jerusalem Rock that occurred during the recent Egyptian revolution: point and counterpoint, is it (a) “real” (UFO), or not??

I have a sense that as we move more deeply into Neptune in Pisces, especially starting next year when Neptune slips imperceptibly and subtly into that ocean where it feels most at home for 14 long years, that we will become more and more rabid on this subject of needing to come down one way or another: “reality” or “illusion.”

We need to know! There’s got to be something solid to stand on in an ever-shifting world!

But what if there isn’t? And what if it doesn’t matter? What if energy crystallizes and dissolves into and out of form endlessly, creatively, spontaneously, with no breaks, no clear demarcations, and no end? What if even names become useless?

I predict that, by that end of those 14 years, we will have come to a radically new understanding of both reality and illusion.

After all, what is “reality v. illusion” but yet one more 3-D duality, and as such just another illusion that keeps this (so-called) reality afloat?

The entire debate reminds me of the final question during my infamous oral examination for the doctorate, back in 1973. The dear old professor who agreed to be my second reader after all the others had refused (the dissertation, titled “This Is Not A Book about Wittgenstein,” had become a political hot potato), asked: “Well then, since you think that there is a fine line between fiction and fact, give us an example.”

“Just yesterday,” I responded, “my six-year old son Colin said to me, ‘Mommy, which is more real, my dreams or yesterday?'”

That was it. I was dismissed after only 20 minutes of what was supposed to have been a two-hour exam.

My response embarrassed the professors. But which is more real? And what does real mean?

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