Dieter Duhm, Seasoned Visionary: "Beyond 2012"

Thanks to Jean Hudon.

This single document contains the most comprehensive and deepest perspective that I have run across, both in terms of an analysis of our present human condition and the evolutionary impulse guiding us to a transformed future. I am both astonished and grateful.

Kuhm pinpoints the roots of suffering in the thousands of years of trauma-based conditioning into fear and violence that has buried our awareness of the soul and its interconnectedness with the cosmos. And he recognizes all wars between individuals, sexes, tribes, religions, nations, etc. as outpicturings of that war inside each human being.

Moreover, Kuhm’s thinking is both permeated with permacultural understanding that we can remediate seemingly impossibly polluted or otherwise lifeless areas by mimicing the complexity and diversity of natural systems, plus — most exciting to me! — he centers this understanding in our inherent sensitivity to the “zone zero zero” attunement that recognizes our inextricable communion with invisible helpers from both above (off-worlders) and below (nature spirits).

Here is the Summary:

“The Mayan date 2012 does not mark the end of the world, but rather a peak of a global process of transformation. Humankind will change the direction of its evolution. As a result of cosmic events, the magnetic field of the Earth will change, and with it the neural fields in the brain. This is connected to significant changes in consciousness. New patterns of perception and thinking lead to new forms of living together, including a new relationship between the genders based on truth and trust. The issue of sexuality will no longer be connected to the collective trauma of fear and violence, but instead to gratitude and joy. Channels which were closed for a long time due to a traumatic history of war will open for compassion and love. A power which could be called the “Christ-impulse” will manifest worldwide. Through a global chain of events, humankind will rediscover an inner healing structure, as this is its genetic program. Many new gates will open for contact with the beings of nature. The new connection with the divine source leads to a new connection and solidarity with all co-creatures. This is not a private dream but a collective development.
The cosmic pattern which we call the “Sacred Matrix” is inside us all as a definite entelechy of a new civilisation. The manifestation of a new planetary civilisation of course does not take place from one day to the next, but is rather the result of a sequence of progressive shifts which will create, through cosmic powers and human decisions, a comprehensive global movement in the next few years.”

And here are two excerpts that show his permacultural understanding, as well as his wider exopermacultural view:

“New methods to provide water, food and energy in the desert areas of the Earth already exist. In the second and third decades of the twentyfirst century, desert cities with 3000 to 5000 people could develop and demonstrate that complete biological re-cultivation and settlement of the Earth is possible without mega-technology and without destroying nature. This will all be possible because of new forms of cooperation with cosmic energies, forces of nature and all fellow creatures. The foundation for this is basic communication in solidarity between all participants, cleansed from all traces of fear and violence. The reason that these new model forms of life can spread astonishingly fast is the frequency shift which propagated from 2012 on, over the Earth.”

“An interesting development in ecology will assert itself: cooperation with nature spirits, devas and many other ensouled beings which most humans have so far carelessly overlooked as they have not been able to perceive them. We will become collectively able to see these beings as human perception is energetically refined and rarified. A new kind of cooperation starts here. The human being does not have to do everything alone. Helpful powers abound, and are ready to cooperate if humans perceive and communicate with them. A whole army of helpers is ready to liberate the world from war. The cosmic powers of light which have been arriving at our planet for some time already also signal their presence and willingness to help.
An essential aspect of the new dimension is the reintegration of human existence into the cycles of planetary life. This process has huge consequences for the development of future living conditions and water, energy and eco-systems. They are interconnected in a subtle-energetic context of information and energy which
could not be seen so far in the mechanised world. Beings which were previously perceived as a nuisance, such as ants, snails, toads, rats and many more, are recognised as carriers of information and integrated into the new biotopes. They are natural cooperation partners of the human being on the path towards a healed

But read the whole thing. You won’t be disappointed.

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