April 4, 2011: Neptune Enters Home Sign Pisces (briefly)

This is my first “take” on the universal significance of Neptune’s entry into Pisces. I expect to write more about it from time to time during these next months.

We now have a precious four month opportunity to dip our toes into the healing oceanic waters of Neptune as it moves into its home sign of Pisces. After retrograding back into Aquarius on August 4, 2011 Neptune will then enter Pisces February 4, 2012 for its full 14 year run, until August, 2025!

The last time Neptune went into Pisces, in 1848, saw the rise of communism and spiritualism, both movements that called for the surrender of individual ego to something larger than the self (communism) and the visible world (spiritualism). Surrender is the hallmark of both Pisces and Neptune. Surrender to something beyond individual understanding and control. Surrender to the mystery of unity — of the way birds soar and fish swim — together, nourished by invisible currents, as one.

Neptune in Pisces joins Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries to complete the full collective, unconscious signature for these End Times of the Industrial Age, when we undergo the full-on consequences of our centuries-long rape and poisoning of the elements that make-up our precious Earth home.

Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024): during which old, calcified structures of all kinds are ruthlessly and relentlessly destroyed to prepare the ground for new creation.

Uranus in Aries (2011-2018): during which we experience sudden, unpredictable shifts of all kinds that destabilize us and teach us to live in the moment where we have access to the full creativity of our original natures.

Neptune in Pisces (2011/12 – 2025): where we surrender to the embrace of the universal light/love field that both shines through all creation and fuels our every move. Where we let go of our resistance to our common humanity, our communion with all that is. Where we recognize that the entire universe is alive.

Compared to the shearing, searing, scorching effects of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, Neptune in soft, kind, loving Pisces sounds good, eh? Well, yes! Let us be grateful for the Neptunian blessings that pour through us for the next 14 years!

But first, we must let go of resistance to love and light. And that is what these four months are about. Given the concretized conditioning of our industrial strength ego structures, resistance is so powerful as to be nearly impenetrable.

Imagine yourself in a tent, listening to the first bird’s call at dawn. You know that this bird sits on a branch of a tree just outside your tent, and yet you experience the horrible, startled recognition that you seem to be hearing the bird from a great distance. You know that if you were more attuned to your environment, that this bird’s call would thrum in your heart and solar plexus like a drum, reverberate throughout your body. That your body and its body would be in resonance, and your soul moved to joy.

What lies between you and the bird? What lies between your heart’s longing and this little creature’s song?

I am describing an experience I had about 25 years ago. The recognition of the vast distance between me and the nearby bird was a revelation.

I vowed right then and there to dissolve the thick ego walls that covered the soul, so that I and the bird could thrum as one.

I didn’t know how long it would take.

I am still uncovering.

I sense that Neptune’s entrance into Pisces will give me the boost I need to dissolve into full communion.

Though some of us may experience some of the Neptunian effects more drastically than others, none of us can escape the ubiquitous effects of radiation now fissioning into and out of Japan, an island that, for the second time, has surrendered itself to the destructive, catalytic power of Oppenheimer’s lament, as the first atomic bomb ignited: “I am death, destroyer of worlds.”

Only as we fully and consciously allow ourselves to feel the nuclear dread that lives inside us, can we even begin to transform that foundational feeling into New Creation.

With Neptune in Pisces, we descend into this nuclear dread that holds us all in its spell, and that, for 60 years now, has spawned addictions of all kinds to distract us from and defend us against that terrible sense of being sucked into a yawning black hole. We all have this in common, first, this awful, yucky feeling that we have spent our entire lives trying to avoid.

This experience of nuclear dread, this allowing into our conscious hearts and minds and souls of the utterly unmentionable, is precisely the first step towards healing. We are destined to descend consciously into the depths of the contamination of our souls that has resulted from our deluded Faustian bargain to control the uncontrollable.

As we each touch down into this lonely, unspeakable suffering, we discover that we are all there, all alike, all experiencing the same horrific grief of knowing that we did it to ourselves, we made a choice that sent us into hell.

Live with that long enough and thoroughly enough, and we will be changed. Consciously and courageously endure that infinite, universal sorrow with full heart and soul, and we will surrender.

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  1. Judie says:

    I’m with you Ann, I really feel that this important shift will bring positive changes very needed to mankind all over the world!

  2. Margarette says:

    It’s in fact very difficult in this active life to listen news on Television, thus I
    only use internet for that purpose, and take the most recent news.

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