Barbara Hand Clow: April 3, New Moon in Aries

This is the kind of chart that looks divinely choreographed. Were a child to come in with such a chart, I would immediately identify that blessed one as a massively pioneering, and yet wise and sober leader who incarnated to stoke the fire of original creation.

So strong, so clear, so definite. Six planets altogether in Aries, sign of ignition, initiation, brand new beginnings. As Barbara Hand Clow says: ” A chart like this one means we must think very deeply about what is most likely to soon be coming up in our lives based on what’s going on right now because mastering and utilizing this chart’s potential can help you stay in balance and keep you moving along amidst the chaos. Great skiers and surfers just ride the snow and waves with no hesitations because they’ve learned how to just go with the flow. We are riding the waves of the collapse of technological industrial civilization, just like snow and waves; yet, all these flowing fields of energy are functioning by fractal geometry.”

The balance of the chart comes with Saturn’s position, exactly opposite the New Moon at 13° Libra. Saturn stabilizes, disciplines, slows things down, seeks justice and balance.

And then, of course, what seems to be the signature of especially this year, that “cardinal cross:” all seven of these planets in Aries/Libra widely square to Pluto in Capricorn, which is bringing the whole thing down, the “collapse of technological industrial civilization.” Pluto’s position stationary in the sky indicates that it is operating at maximum transformational capacity.

That two of the Aries planets are Mars and Uranus, exactly conjunct at 1° Aries, augurs for more sudden massive telluric and/or cultural shifts. That Jupiter is another of the planets in the configuration, insists that we widen our perspective, as well as expand our courage and capacity for action. That Mercury is retrograde forces us all to think and think again about what we are and have been doing.

That Neptune will go into its home sign Pisces the very day after the New Moon is, truly, what will save us in the end. As a species, we will surrender to unity consciousness, collectively generate that “noosphere” that Teilhard de Jardin prophesized so long ago. Many of us are already meditating, both individually and in groups; and we are working with shared intent on various foundational projects to reconfigure this world from death-dealing greed to shared abundance.

Here’s Barbara Hand Clow’s analysis:

The Aries New Moon has arrived! Since we’ve just created new intentions during the equinox to steer a new course this year, it’s time to activate our creativity as much as possible. The 2011 New Moon in Aries is the big activator! With the Moon and five planets in Aries, closely opposite Saturn in Libra forming a wide T-square to Pluto in Capricorn, we are in for a wild ride this spring. Adding in the preceding planets in Pisces, we have a classic bucket chart: Saturn holds the handle with the other planets in the bucket, except Pluto is where the liquid pours out. Things are going to go so fast, that before this month is over, you may hardly be able to remember what you were doing just a few minutes ago. Nobody is going to escape radical change during this lunation; the more you can anticipate this one the better.

I begin right away with the astrological analysis of the New Moon chart because it is such an astonishing set-up for activating our species. I will use the analysis to put this lunation in the context of the world. A chart like this one means we must think very deeply about what is most likely to soon be coming up in our lives based on what’s going on right now because mastering and utilizing this chart’s potential can help you stay in balance and keep you moving along amidst the chaos. Great skiers and surfers just ride the snow and waves with no hesitations because they’ve learned how to just go with the flow. We are riding the waves of the collapse of technological industrial civilization, just like snow and waves; yet, all these flowing fields of energy are functioning by fractal geometry. Any one of us can navigate realities by using sixth-dimensional geometry instead of being a confused victim in the third dimension; it’s a clear choice.

The New Moon in 14 Aries is conjunct Jupiter in 16 Aries, tightly opposing Saturn in 14 Libra-all in the middle degrees where “essence” is expressed. So, we want to make decisions, get the job done, and move ahead regardless of who or what is in the way. These ideas are big and grand because the Moon moves to Jupiter a few hours after the New Moon, and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter on April 5. This is a great time to expand yourself and create your dreams, yet Saturn’s opposition will keep you from going too far or fast. Saturn’s opposition may mean many people will end up feeling frustrated and tend to get stuck, so I think it is wise to focus on one major dream during this time (April 3-5) to avoid frittering away this great potential. Under this push-pull force, people will feel like racehorses at the gate, ready to charge when the gun cracks. Once he shoots out of the gate, the jockey keeps an eye on all the other horses while he guides his horse. If you race for your true heart’s desire, chances are the people around you will be focusing on theirs as well; there’s no need to smash into each other. Our reality is now a fully-activated holographic fractal field, and when you choose your highest good and place it in your heart, what you’re doing doesn’t affect others. And it would be very smart to stay out of any conflicts that are going on around you, especially the ones you don’t really care about.

Now, let’s add in the aspect of Mars-conjunct-Uranus in early Aries, which is exact a few hours after the New Moon. Uranus already went into Aries on March 11, the day of the Japanese quake and tsunami, followed by a nuclear meltdown. Uranus rules transformation, radical change, and revolution, so this Titan is living up to his reputation. Mars in Aries (occurring this year from April 1-May 11) is always a time of great activity and change. And Mars is joining Uranus just after the beginning of its 84-year cycle; this pairing kicks off astonishing levels of chaos and change. As most of you know, we are in the early stages of the Universal Underworld, and many of us following Carl Calleman’s Mayan Calendar movement have often wondered how we could possibly change our world as much as we need to during 2011. [See The Mayan Calendar by Calleman and The Mayan Code by Clow.] It is not that everything will happen during this year because that is impossible. But, it seems we have to find the master switches of creation, and then manipulate them while we play our roles in creating Unity Consciousness. We have the right to work with these master switches to create in our world because we are the Keepers of Earth. As a suggestion, many people in our movement are working in meditation groups to pull in the powerful Unity waves coming in during the midpoints of the Days and Nights of the Universal Underworld in 2011. With these waves, we are activating our hearts so that we can feel all beings on our planet. Thankfully, the qualities and angles of the planets in this chart offer a lot of information about these master switches. And, the midpoint of Night One is April 4-5, so it arrives with the potent force of this lunation and Mars-conjunct-Uranus and Sun-conjunct-Jupiter.

Back to Mars-conjunct-Uranus: This exact conjunction a few hours after the New Moon slams the Uranus-in-Aries revolution into place in just one day, when normally a new Uranus cycle like this starts gently and in gradual pulses. Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is an unstoppable force for radical change, and so we can see more of what this change may be if we have a subject. Saturn, for example, was exactly opposite Jupiter on March 28, the day of Obama’s speech justifying American intervention in Libya, so the struggles in Libya are one subject. Another subject is the slow nuclear meltdown in Japan happening just when Americans are getting stuck in a third war, flying more jets and dropping more bombs. [This makes it clear that Obama is an elite puppet, especially since he ordered an invasion during the Spring Equinox, just as Bush did when he invaded Iraq during the Spring Equinox of 2003.]

The war in Libya and the hot ecological crisis in Japan are the essence of Saturn in Libra opposing Jupiter in Aries: protracted struggles against authority for justice and fairness for the people. Also during Saturn-opposite-Jupiter, frantic negotiations regarding the potential bankruptcy of Portugal were ongoing, so we could say the “Allies” are drawing attention away from huge financial instabilities by drumming up a war in the Mediterranean. As usual, the moguls of the Planetary Underworld-weapons manufacturers-are the intended winners. Then Jupiter is joined by the Sun and Moon just after Mars conjuncts Uranus, so this Mars/Uranus conjunction is the harbinger of the seven squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that will occur from 2012 to 2015, with an close square happening as early as July 2011.

Uranus coming to its upper square to Pluto is the power that will transform the structures of civilization that evolved during the National, Planetary, and Galactic Underworlds over the last 5,125 years. Awesome images of industrial destruction in Japan graphically showed this transformation in action; these images warn us that many things will not stand and will be swept away. Uranus rules revolution and radical change, and Pluto rules transformation of structural issues at the deepest level, often in the sea. Pluto goes into the dark and depths to clear things out and to make space for new growth. Pluto teaches us that using nuclear technology for power is untenable because disposal problems have not been solved, and the square from Uranus will transform this technology. Another example of the dark side being cleansed is what’s going on with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious control of politics and economics during the 5,125-year National Underworld. The Middle East has been the theatre for this drama for so long that it is ripping itself to shreds. We are seeing the destructive duality of these beliefs being neutralized by the waves of Oneness; the people are joining together to disarm their dividers. There will be many invisible shifts and changes as well, as the master switches are reset by those intent on creating a new world.

Pluto uses many methods for his work, and I love Pluto because he always makes the necessary changes. In the New Moon chart, Pluto is stationary in the sky as he hovers at the top of the T-Square to the Aries/Libra opposition, and he moves into retrograde motion from April 8 through September 17. While Pluto is retrograde, change occurs in our cells, emotions, and minds; we are gifted with rich reflective powers. As a species that is being asked to evolve through the Ninth Underworld in less than a year, our reflections on our own integrity and how we impact the world are of critical importance. Possibly the best name for Pluto is integrity, which is inherent honesty. That is, we have all been beset by stunning dishonesty on the part of the people who are supposed to protect the people, so Pluto will sweep them away. Be clear in your mind and heart now because this pure emotion keeps you on the islands of harmony amidst the rapidly changing fractal field. I’ve thought deeply about why Japan was hit by the wave from the World Tree when the Universal Underworld began. The people of Japan have exhibited remarkable bravery, patience, and concern for each other during this crisis. Perhaps this occurred there because they are way-showers for being kind and heart-centered. Imagine if you were in the middle of an event like this in Detroit or Los Angeles!

In my opinion, we can’t make the critical leap unless we comprehend our long journey through time, and this is different for each person. Some people can just feel this pulsing growth as if they are a plant pushing through the soil to the surface. Others need complex models like the Mayan Calendar to understand this culminating process. All of us are changing into new forms regardless of how much we understand, and I feel that centering in the heart amidst the rising chaos is the way to co-create with Pluto, the most supportive of all astrological forces.

Neptune and Chiron are still close together, and they are in the early stages of opening us to full spiritual access. This will be a huge challenge for our bodies and minds, especially our adrenal glands. Chiron in Pisces has already shifted the focus off personal healing to spiritual maturity; we are complete with emotional dramas and mental exercises. Neptune goes into Pisces (its home sign) a day after this New Moon until August 4, when it retrogrades back into Aquarius. Then Neptune returns to Pisces in February 2012 through 2026. After Neptune was first sighted in 1846, the watery giant went into Pisces in 1847 through 1861-a period when there was an occult and spiritualist awakening that was the unity wave of the Planetary Underworld. During this first consciously-known journey of Neptune through Pisces, the masses had garnered some comforts and even leisure, so they had time to awaken themselves and find other realities and dimensions, and Spiritualism swept the Western world. Neptune in Pisces is the leading planetary shift during the Universal Underworld because both Neptune and the sign Pisces melt away our boundaries and open us to Oneness, to Unity Consciousness. We will dissolve and meld together by being centered in our hearts.

Mercury in 24 Aries has no aspects and is in retrograde motion from March 28 until April 23. Mercury retrograde is always a subtle force, which will modify the intensity in this chart. Mercury in Aries met Jupiter on March 15 just after the great quake, and due to its retrograde motion, it conjuncts Jupiter twice more in Aries: on April 11 and May 11. Possibly this triple conjunction signals Mercury will expand our knowledge about the great disaster in Japan, and will especially expose the truth about nuclear technology. Venus in 9 Pisces closely sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, so Venus will be a gentle and harmonic absorber of the great changes coming through Pluto. The most difficult part of living through this moment in time is struggling to have any vision at all of what our world will be like when we get through this transformation. I think it will help to work with the master switches by following the Days and Nights of the Universal Underworld, and those dates are posted on I trust that reality will transform very naturally during the end of Calendar time if we hold our personal realities in our hearts-the islands of harmony and tranquility.

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