Excerpt from Jose Arguelles . . .

From Reality Sandwich, comment under an excerpt from a forthcoming book about the noosphere by the recently deceased extraordinary being, Jose Arguelles (sorry, still little capacity to set format, links, etc. On this iPad and without computer):

Submitted by ada on Sun, 03/27/2011 – 19:02.
I recently listened to an interview he gave last year –
I particularly enjoyed his response to a question regarding 2012 and the galactic alignment.
‘What I see is as we approach that point, that the process of nature, that’s almost like a natural force that’s going to be impacting more and more on the human and terrestrial environment, so that actually as we get closer and closer to Dec 21st 2012, everything becoming more and more silent, as the understanding that oh, it’s like we’re coming down to the zero point, everyone will be quite transfixed at that point, everyone will be, it’ll be just like a natural tendency “oh, just don’t do anything right now – just tune in” and I think that that’s what will create this noosphere slip, because right now humanity is at a bifurcation point, you know, either we’re going to make it or we’re not, we’re going to destroy the biosphere and ourselves along with it or we’re not. If we’re not what does that ‘not’ mean? That ‘not’ means we’re going in another direction, going in a direction of supramental, supraconscious development, that’s the bifurcation, we’re going to go along with more technology, more money, more war, more terror or we’re going to go to the direction of the supramental development. I think that by 2012 it’ll become clear “oh this actually is a choice” and we’ll be coming to that point we’ll get to this ‘zero’ Dec 21st 21012 and in that zero, that attunement of consciousness to that will be what flips us into the noosphere, then there’ll be suddenly, it’ll be like “oh” there’s a shift in consciousness, it’ll suddenly be like, we’ll be saying “wow, I’m in telepathic communication with a lot of people right now” and then we’ll start to move forward from that and assuming also that we have also what I refer to as ‘telepathic intervention’ with higher extraterrestrial intelligence and at that point also that’ll be the moment when we pass out of this beam, the galactic synchronization beam, that we have been in for 5125 years we’ll pass out of that and then we’ll enter a phase where there’s a rapid restructuring of our thought processes, our mental thought process leading up to another moment in 2013, July 26th 2013 that’s when we’ll have then a full synchronization occurring where we’ll have caught up with what this thing’s about,then we’ll have a type of, a moment where the new evolutionary state actually then just commences full on.’
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Thanks JAVV
Submitted by segulah on Mon, 03/28/2011 – 10:02.

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  1. If all articles were as in depth as this one, the internet would be an even better place for research. Superb job, and thanks for taking the time to state your ideas with us on this topic.

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