My Giant Moon's Divine Joke

Okay, so here’s what’s happened with me . . . I’m a Mars/Uranus person anyway, in mutable signs, so tend to be nervous system dominated. So, as the Super Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces (both mutable signs) conjunct that big bad Uranus in Aries hit, my desktop computer’s hard drive went down. Bingo. Done. A blank white screen.

I head out to Seattle early tomorrow for a niece’s wedding, also attended by my 93- and 95-year old folks (I’ll stay with them, help them get around), and all seven of my brothers and sisters. Back on the 28th. Only then will I get help for the computer, so who knows when I’ll be back online in any real way. I’m typing this from a keyboard attached to the ipad, but it’s less than ideal when making links, etc. But who knows?

I notice my awareness during this period when I’ve suddenly been cut off from communication that I had grown to depend on, i.e., become attached to. Notice my frustration, my fury, and . . . my awareness holds it all, loves it all, it’s all perfectly the way it is. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Adios for now!

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