Jean Hudon Digs Deeper into Question: Earthquake Natural or Manmade?

Steve Beckow has published several posts about the channel Mathew Ward’s view of the Japan earthquake as caused, not by HAARP, but by “weather modification technology.” Jean Hudon wrote to Suzy Ward (who channel’s Mathew, her deceased son) to express his “doubts that such a powerful event had been indeed triggered once again (as was apparently the case for the Haiti Earthquake a year ago) by the Illuminati’s mad scientists, wondering what sort of technology could allow them to do so (scalar weaponry perhaps) and explaining that… ‘In my humble opinion, earthquakes have always happened on Earth (well before any such alleged technology existed) and will continue to happen for as long as it exists. This is a totally natural occurrence.'”

Jean continues: “The next day after writing to Suzy I stumbled upon the following video which gives substantial evidence that through the HAARP apparatus (based on Tesla discoveries) the Cabal can apparently indeed trigger earthquakes and increase the strength of hurricanes…

Earthquake caused by HAARP? JAPAN THREATENED IN PAST (March 11, 2011)
Tesla Scalar Wave billion watt generator arrays exist and are used for earthquake generation and weather control. People on the ground, before the earthquake event, see ionization in the sky (like the aurora borealis, but visible in the daytime). Then they see what looks like ball lightning striking the ground, then they experience the earthquake or natural disaster. NOTE: These excerpts from the movie “The Core” also had examples of what this weapon can do. It would also explain the mysterious global death of birds and fishes this past January.

In Suzy’s answer to Jean, Mathew introduces Lazarus, and his take on the relationship between extreme telluric and weather events, the technology used to cause them, and how the galactics are helping to modify their effects.

MATTHEW: Mother, the next presentation is from a soul representing the Lazarus energy, which is highly respected universally. This massive force was assigned by God to reduce the destructive effects of the negativity that has so polluted Earth that it almost killed her planetary body. Lazarus is ready to begin his presentation.

LAZARUS: Good morning, Mistress Suzy. We are a group of souls who are more powerful than many fine souls who simply have had far fewer lifetimes to evolve than we.

I’m delighted to be speaking with you again, Suzy! It’s just as Matthew said — not in these words, though, because he speaks more delicately than I do—your bad egg scientists are at it again with “their” technology. I sent an image of “their” with quotation marks because it’s not as if they developed this themselves. The Little Greys gave it to them in what was supposed to be a good exchange with benefits to them and to Earth, but as you know from Matthew, the Greys got a raw deal and so did you because the Illuminati has used that technology only to your detriment. We can’t totally thwart their efforts insofar as manipulating your weather and making the earth quake and or volcanoes erupt — you know the deal with free will — but we certainly can reduce their expectations of widespread destruction and death toll. We lay down an electromagnetic grid that absorbs the kinetic energy and transmutes it into the ethers. The effect is somewhat like the ripples on a pond when you toss a little stone in the middle. Of course we don’t get still waters to work with — what we do is diminish the effects of what the pond would do if a boulder had been dropped into it. And even with our softening act, Earth still releases the same amount of negativity that she needs to.

Suzy: I have been counting on your help for many years, Lazarus, and it’s good to know that you’re still up there giving it. Is this a cooperative effort or are your troops acting alone in this?

It’s a revolving door cooperative effort, with each of the crews assigned to monitor Earth taking action in their particular sector at the moment energy leveling and dispersal is needed. When the force is more powerful than just volcanic rumbling or small underwater quakes, they don’t need to get involved, but when something big is about to blow, the rest of the crews pitch in to whatever degree additional help is required. It’s not just those geophysical events where we get involved, we also reduce the power of storms like your hurricanes and typhoons. We decrease the effects to the extent we can, but once those powerful forces above and beneath ground are set in motion, even our most advanced technology can’t prevent all the disaster and deaths.

If Mother Nature were allowed to handle all of the negativity release herself, she would keep to areas where the least damaging effects would result and she wouldn’t need our help. It’s those maniac manmade efforts directed toward heavily populated areas where our help comes in handy. Let me give you an example, the hurricane that was named Earl. Mother Nature started that to release negativity out at sea where it wouldn’t have done any damage, but the mad scientists got into the act — they intensified the winds into a major storm and directed it toward the mainland. That’s when we all got into it — we decreased the wind force enough so we could turn the storm north and keep it from hitting the mainland. That was one of our more dramatic interferences and it buggered those folks who thought for sure they had conjured up a grand disaster.

Suzy: Lazarus, I felt sure that we had a lot of ET help on that one and Matthew confirmed it. Thank you and all the others who did that—well, for ALL you’ve been doing for us! What else have you all been up to?

Well, we’re keeping our eye on your rogues who try to send their nuclear warheads somewhere or other and we’ve vaporized a dozen or so of those—the warheads, not the rogues! Then there are the lesser aims in “black ops,” as you call them, that we’ve stopped cold or seriously reduced the intended results. Some of us neutralized viruses in laboratory-made diseases so that the much-publicized pandemics never happened, and all along we’ve been reducing as much as possible the toxins in chemtrails, radioactivity in weaponry and other harmful pollutants. Oh yes, we also had a hand in saving the Gulf of Mexico from dying after the oil rig explosion.

And we’re always on the lookout for meteors and other small celestial bodies and debris heading toward you — I think you’d be amazed at the number we’ve directed away from you. We aren’t alone in this work. Almost all of us who are nearby have been in on this kind of protection that began eons ago, when Earth started descending into third density’s vulnerable zone. I’ll tell you about a relatively recent incident, a year or so before the turn of the century in your time. My troops weren’t in on that particular save, but except for your civilization, it’s known throughout the universe. An especially large speedy meteor was being directed at you by the peak of the dark forces — they had wearied of their slow-moving conquest of the planet and decided to just annihilate it. When your space brothers saw that this meteor had been pulled out of its normal orbit and redirected at Earth, they put out an immediate call to Menta’s forces, who had the power to pulverize the meteor into tiny fragments that burned up before entering your atmosphere.

Suzy: And we never suspected a thing — it’s just as well! Well, maybe a few astronomers picked that up. If so, they must have been mystified when the meteor vanished.

If you could check with those who saw it, you’d find out that they discovered it just before it got nearly vaporized and concluded that it was an anomaly. You know that very few of your scientists give any credence at all to intelligent beings in space.

Isn’t that changing?

Not significantly, but I can guarantee you that it’s going to change in one wild moment when it’s safe enough for some of our crews to land.

Isn’t there a master plan for when this will happen?

Absolutely, as soon as it’s safe for you and the landing crews. The Intergalactic Federation Council has coordinated this with all of us who have been roaming your skies for at least 60 years. Longer, some of them, and MUCH longer in some cases—for all its errors, your Bible does have some references to ET presence. You know Hatonn well—his Pleiadian-based fleet has been around a lot longer than most others, especially those in deep space who directed their powerful light in answer to Earth’s cry for help several decades back and all of us who are nearby, relatively speaking, also got into the act and gave technological help. One of Hatonn’s fleet’s jobs for so many centuries I’ve lost count is maintaining the protective shield around Nirvana that extends to Earth during all visitations, residents there visiting you and vice versa—almost no one there is aware of these soul travels.

I know about that from Matthew. What ETs will be landing?

Besides representatives of The Pleiades, there will be those from Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius and Vega probably will be the first because they are the ones in ships close by and also, they’re your primary ancestors. I do know of Horiss‚ message, so you already know that some of you have reptilian ancestry, and some of their lighted souls will be coming too. I say “coming,” but you know that many of us are there already. They will be ecstatic to reveal their true identities at long last, and some of them are going to truly shock you!

You mean because we know them so well by positions they hold?

That is exactly it.

I don’t suppose you want to tell me who. Or do you?

No, because it’s their prerogative to do this when it’s time, not mine now. Actually, you might not be too shocked at some, Suzy, and we have to let it go at that!

OK, Lazarus. I’m so eager for all of this to happen! Is Earth in stable orbit or does she still need your assistance?

Our beloved Gaia—let me interject something here. Gaia is the name of your planet’s soul, and ancient names of her planetary body are Terra and Shan, but we call her Earth just as you do even though it’s simply putting a capital E on the earth that you walk on, which some unimaginative previous civilization did. It was the same thing with God, apparently because he is a god, not a goddess. Anyway, Suzy, yes, she has regained a great deal of her former strength with the incoming light, but we still are adding ours along with our technology to assure her stability. Not all the upheaval in ridding her of negativity is over, you know, and there’s no point in diminishing our diligence in this respect until she is fully within fourth density vibrations. Then we’ll all shout Hallelujah—our work there will be done! And at that point, you’ll all know your universal brothers and sisters.

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