Salusa Channelling and "Clean Your Room Before You Go Out to Play"

Salusa, March 18 channelling by Mike Quinsey concerning Japan, is, I think, particularly relevant. I especially appreciate his counsel to not just sit back and wait for the celestials to fix things and how this relates to his subtle reference to the confusion over whether or not that humongous earthquake was natural or man-made. As he says, “eventually, the truth must come out, yet regrettably it is not until a serious condition arises.”

Excerpts follow, with my emphases in red, my comments in blue.

“As the full affects of the earthquake are being felt in Japan, so it is focussing people’s attention upon it due to the vast damage, loss of life and potential for even more after shocks. It is a situation that is making people world-wide question the sense in continuing with nuclear energy as a source of power. The more the dangers are publicised and the longer it goes on, there will undoubtedly be a groundswell against its further use. Do you see Dear Ones how eventually the truth must come out, yet regrettably it is not until a serious condition arises. There are already calls for an alternative source of power, and our allies will be pushing for free energy devices that are already available.”

Remember: the issue of whether or not UFOs exist — as well as the brainwashing that conditions us to ridicule those who say publically that they do exist (and furthermore, that ETs are among and above and below us) is tied up with the issue of free energy, since “they” obviously don’t use our clumsy, polluting propulsion methods to get here.

And when you dive into that hornet’s nest, you discover a world of black ops, secret government, illuminati, mind control programs, etc. that keep us enslaved to expensive, nonrenewable energy sources that can be used to control us since we think we have to have them.

“We monitor all major events on Earth, and as far as we are allowed are always looking for ways of lessening the impact upon you. Over a long period of time we have substantially reduced radiation levels, which have inevitably followed the testing of nuclear weapons. Without such help you would by now have been a nation of very sick people, and as you know the affects continue from one generation to another. If and when the decision is made to stop using nuclear power, we will help remove the dangerous plant and prevent it from posing a threat to you.”

To me, this last statement is key. We have to stop before they will help us. We cannot just sit on our butts. It’s the same reasoning we use with children: “you must clean your room before you are free to play.” And let’s face it, compared to those who know how to travel through space, and through various dimensions, we are children. It helps me to think of us that way. Otherwise I get furious at our idiotic reliance on the horror of nuclear power to, essentially, boil water! (I’ve had to work long and hard to discipline my own childish reactions, in this case, temper tantrums.)

“We cannot help you unless you are prepared to help yourselves, as we must only re-act to requests from you rather than be seen to “interfere”. We would love to deal with all of your problems, but there are lessons to be learnt that mean there is a proper time for us to show up. However, we are working hard to get Disclosure acknowledged, and then we can really help you and would not delay coming amongst you.”

“Disclosure”: of ETs and their interconnectedness with humans on Earth for at least the past 60 years.

“How life can change without any warning, and so suddenly that you are often ill prepared. At least you have been made aware of what lies ahead, and with your input all will proceed as planned. You are vital to the outcome and getting an enormous amount of attention. The Universe is closely following your journey, as it is important that you reach the stage of readiness to become Galactic Beings. The cycle of duality is to all intents and purposes over . . .”

i.e., we must recognize our interconnectedness with all life forms — other people, ETS, rocks, plants, animals, Earth, other planets and suns and galaxies: ALL ONE. There are no “others;” there is no “elsewhere.” We are everywhere.

“One day in the future you will look back and no longer feel any pain or unhappiness, because the high energies of the love vibration will have taken over. You will be in a permanent state of joy and happiness, and dark thoughts will not even enter your mind. All souls together in such energies become as one, and share a close bonding in a high state of love and Light. But for reasons of service to others, you would have no reason to return to the lower dimensions. Indeed, if anything you will move into even higher levels for the purpose of furthering your evolution. Progress is ongoing and only ceases when you fully return to the Source of All That Is.

“Peace will come to Earth, so do not feel downhearted if for a time the dark Ones are able to resist change as it will only be a temporary hold up. The higher energies planted upon the Earth are so powerful that they will transmute the lesser energies. That will take away any possibility that the dark Ones had of making more mischief and soon they will be stripped of their power, and we can start our many projects to lift up Earth and the people upon it.

“Meditation is most suitable and recommended; even if you can only find limited time in which to do it.”

For example, tonglen — and especially, for me — modified tonglen breathing exercises that specifically address suffering.

“At least find quiet moments when you can unwind, from what is a stressful time on Earth just at present. Being fearful will not help, and your health will benefit if you can find a little time for yourself each day. Also remember when you are in a relaxed state to send out your love to wherever you see it is needed. Perhaps you are already in a group presentation, and that will be even better and more powerful.

“Money worries occupy many people, but even these will disappear in time as debts are forgiven, and wealth is distributed more fairly. Can you imagine the relief when people can start again with not just a clean sheet, but with the advantage of being funded once more. It will be but one step towards a brand new society, that focuses on sharing and works for the benefit of each other. Dealings will be carried out above board, and the authorities will show their honesty in whatever they do. People will be consulted much more than now, and have more say in matters that concern them. In one way or another the old paradigm will die away, as it has ceased to fairly reflect the needs of the people for eons of time.”

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust that the information we give answers many of your questions. They are not complete and best addressed when we can come to Earth, when we shall spend much time quickly acquainting you with all that is to follow. We send our unconditional love to all of you.”

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  1. Paul Crawford says:

    “Official” disclosure of the ET presence seems imperative at this juncture in human consciousness. “Panic” not likely. Lots of “scramble” most certainly. The chips will fall as they may, humans will clean up their rooms, do the heavy lifting, but DISCLOSURE is needed to move the exercise to its next level. ETs could be helpful in a catalytic event to kick off Day One. Otherwise, dear ETs, stop saying it’s all up to us. Did you have anything to do with this in the first place? Huh? Huh? We hope you’re enjoying the show, and learning lots & lots!
    See Richard Dolan’s “A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact.”

  2. Not sure that Dolan has expanded his consciousness enough to be a person whom we can trust to talk sensibly about the radically transformed future that awaits us. Which is precisely what I told him while standing next to him in line at the banquet of the UFO Congress.

  3. The Sirians are attracting criticism from some quarters for seeming to say that they will fix everything on the Earth and we will just have to sit back and let it happen. But this message suggests that there will be much that is expected of us if we are to work with them. We do have to grow up and move away from destructive technology, especially of course, nuclear weapons, but also move away from technologies that are destructive to the biosphere, like nuclear power.

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