Galactic Implications of March 19th "Super Moon"

An article in huffpost talks about this month’s “Super (Full) Moon,” when the Moon is as near to the Earth as it can get, intensifying the gravitational field between them.

What huffpost does not say is that this Full Moon (or, the moment when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite, most obvious at sunset or sunrise) will occur within two degrees of explosive Uranus in fiery Aries.

Moreover, this full moon will also exactly square the lunar nodes (abstract points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the path of the Sun) north and south). The lunar nodes always oppose one another and represent a sort of compass, or direction finder, pointing from south to north: from the karmic path to the dharmic future. We need to admit what we must leave behind at the south node in order to recognize what we need to bring in at the north node.

So what does it all mean?

Here’s one interpretation of the short version. Especially for the next two weeks:

• The potential for destabilizing events, both telluric and cultural, will be heightened (the conjunction to Uranus).

• The squares to the nodes set up a “grand cross in mutable signs”: Sun in (compassionate) Pisces, opposite Moon in (analytic) Virgo, square the opposition between the south node in (scientific, fact-collecting) Gemini and the north node in (philosophical, values-generating) Sagittarius. These four signs, when activated so exactly, stir up a rich stew of what I would call whole brain food, since this cross concerns ideas, intuition, communication, education, consciousness, and integrates left (Gemini, Virgo) and right brains (Sagittarius, Pisces).

• Now stir in one more crucial factor: the pointer of the north node is exactly conjunct the center of this, the Milky Way galaxy.

Through massive, disruptive, telluric and/or cultural events, we are to receive an unprecedented education concerning what we have manifested in the past (allow and even encourage nuclear energy, arrogantly assuming that with science (Gemini/Virgo) we could control the uncontrollable); and we will recognize that we must now embrace a set of values (Sagittarius/Pisces) that will both expand our perspective (Sagittarius) and open our hearts to the oneness of the uni-verse (Pisces).

In short, our perspective must transform from seeing Earth as a member of this solar system to the next order out — seeing and feeling our local solar system as a tiny speck within an incomprehensibly vast galaxy.

Moreover, we must begin to acknowledge the Galactic Federation of extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings who have always co-existed with us and who, while holding our collective nose to the grindstone of admitting that we have used science to destroy the Earth, now invite us to grow up and join them.

We can no longer afford to be small-minded.

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