Nuclear Then and Now: This Time, Let's Work Together

Talking with Claudia, one of my soul mates, today. She mentioned that one of her soul mates, now in the process of leaving his body through pancreatic cancer, calls the situation we are in “epic,” and said that it was a good time for him to leave. Claudia herself called the unfolding global scenario a “pageant.” Both good words.


Here’s an excerpt from a recent Mira the Pleiadian channelling: [My emphasis in red, my commentary in blue]

“The nuclear situation is of great concern to all of us. What happens on Earth affects us and life far beyond your atmosphere. It is more serious than your media would have you believe. There are far-reaching ramifications with nuclear technology. We have the technology to help clear and clean things up. We can assist from our ships but we would prefer to be visible and let our teams do even more under the circumstances.

“We want to impress upon you that it is not responsible of humanity to walk away from its responsibility to do what they can to prevent worsening conditions even though we have means to assist. We cannot do everything for you.”


I don’t publish most channelled material precisely because of this very human tendency we have to then just breathe a sigh of relief as we “leave it up to the celestials.”

“The Earth has been in trouble with nuclear before. We hesitate to tell you what happened to the Earth as a result.”

Speaking of which, I find it wondrously synchronous that the Lost City of Atlantis was again in the news exactly as the giant tsunami rolled across the Pacific from Japan: Reuters, March 12, “Lost City of Atlantis, Swamped by Tsunami, May be Found.”

“Because you are in a time of crisis we have our teams at work. We work with other members of the space family. We each have much to share and to learn. We love and care about you and the Earth. Your welfare is of our utmost concern.

“There are many lessons for all to learn. You need new forms of energy. These are available. You will begin to see that your greedy industries will be forced to change their ways and for this we are optimistic. It will take some time for change but it will happen faster than you think. It has been known for some time that changes must be made. Your corporations dragged their feet because there was too much money at stake. This is the simple truth.

“Now it is incumbent upon the citizens of the Earth to hold their governments and businesses accountable for their behaviors. It is no longer acceptable to think only of selfish needs and desires. The good of life and the planet are what is important. It is not just about financial gain when the overall potential for human loss and loss of the planet are so fragile.

“The history of the Earth is being re-written. This is being done in collaboration with all of life at the request of the Creator. The Earth is a most beloved planet that is strategically located in all of creation. What happens on the Earth affects all of creation. Do you understand how important it is that things be handled correctly?

“In our ongoing pursuit to assist the Earth and all of the bravest of the brave Light beings and humans who are on the Earth, we will continue to expand and amplify our contact. Know that you are not alone. Please understand the importance of the work that you are doing. We are doing it together.

“Humanity‚Äôs priorities are changing. You will begin to see progress from point A to point B and this will become unending until we restore the Earth. The Earth is doing her part to cleanse and heal what she needs to do in appropriate sequences.”


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  1. 4D says:

    “Know that you are not alone”

    on an ARC of personal and planetary transformation… we are appreciating the chronicling.

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