Filer's Files: this week's UFOs and more . . .

This week’s UFO sightings from Filer’s Files: In the U.S.:

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

Sightings of UFOs also occurred in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, North Sea, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

I also found two stories in this week’s update of particular interest:

RAFT Tornado Crew Spotted [humungous!— A.K.] UFO over North Sea





and this: Telepathic Contact with ET in Ohio.

Not sure why I’m fascinated with this second story; possibly because I am so drawn to the extraordinary Serpent Mound in Ohio anyway; or possibly, because I assume that once Neptune enters Pisces and stays there for awhile, we will all be communicating telepathically and we’ll be able to throw away the internet. Moreover, there will be no more distinction between above and below, within and without, real and unreal. Nor will lies be possible — or even desirable, as we dissolve into oceanic, Piscean consciousness.

(Neptune dips its toes into the mystical waters of Pisces, where it feels most at home, starting on April 4, 2011 for a few months; then returns to Aquarius until November 11, 2011, when it enters and stays for good — until 2025! In this explosive, revolutionary “Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn” time, Neptune will offer a healing balm of the unifying spirt to sooth our nerve-wracked bodies and minds.)

“WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB — De, Bob, Kay Allen, Cyndie LePori, and Sandi Duffy were in the car driving to see the Serpent Mound in southern Ohio. We were driving on the peripheral road around Wright-Patterson AFB, and Bob was telling us about working and retiring from W-P AFB. All of a sudden, clear as day, Cyndie, Kay, and Sandi received an unexpected telepathic communication from an ET that is on the base in an underground bunker. The ET was very excited for he knew we could communicate and visualize him. Someone in the car suggested we ask questions from the alien.

“We asked his name. First we got Kay said it sounded like Alvin.

“We asked again and got Kelvin. We finally settled on Elfin, because he said he was a little like an elf and he liked the comparison. We asked if he was okay. He said, yes’ that he was not being held without his consent. He had the ability to leave at any time, but that he stays to up-grade the vibrational energies of those he comes in contact there. He said, — He was doing well and was having fun with everyone. We got the distinct impression that everyone who comes into contact with him gets a rather large dose of unconditional love’ and instantly falls in love with him.

“He is small, with human characteristics; his eyes are a little larger and have a greater function than ours. His head is slightly larger, too, but not overly large. He doesn’t have much hair on his body like we do and he’s not quite as pink’ skinned as we are, a little more green-grey’ but not like the grays’. The difference is similar to being olive’ rather than being light’ skin tone. He’s much more olive’ than we are as depicted in artist’s rendition… We did not asked how he got there or from which crash. We just knew he had been there for many years—the feeling was at least 50 and that he had not aged much, only the humans around him have aged. He had been injured, initially, but healed easily. They had done some test on him in the early years, but now, they mostly watch him to make sure his health is stable & good—which it is.

“We asked him about how he could leave if he wanted to and we got a visual that a ship would come over head and he would be transported up thru a light beam, but that he was not concerned about staying—he is being in service’ by interacting with those around him. It is easy to remote view him, he is quite happy to have the visit. On our return trip by the base later that evening, he bid us hello’ once again. We told him about our incredible day and he sent us a wave of unconditional love’ for sharing with him. We all felt it and were lulled into silence of appreciation.

“It is with his permission that I tell you these things. He said, — He would like disclosure because he says that secrets do not serve the greater good of all.

“In conclusion, I’m sure that all this can be easily substantiated by any remote viewer and welcomed for interacting with him. Elfin is more than willing to communicate, all you need to do is ask! It was great meeting you at the IUFOC. Joyfully, Sandi”



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