Visiting the Ridicule Factor

Re: ETs and UFOs and how American media and culture systematically ridicule any mention of them:

My friend and fellow traveler Paul Crawford has sent me an email of a letter he wrote that, to me, encapsulates the fury and frustration that we sometimes feel when people dismiss what does appear to be our expanded perspective on earthly events. Reminds me of Plato’s guy who left the cave where the occupants were mesmerized by shadows on the wall, took note of the blazing sun, and went back into the cave to “enlighten” his fellows, who, still entranced, were not willing to turn around and walk out the door.

Paul, it appears, is having “re-entry” problems, as his body/mind/spirit capsule hurtles back into dense Earth atmosphere from the 2011 UFO Congress. Go fer it, Paul!

As curator of the Ajo Museum, you are a rightful recipient of some
important information I have to share.  But first I must defuse any
knee-jerk dismissal you might have of its validity.  You will have
observed from Solar System Ambassador Bob Schmall's presentation on
Thursday, and the Gordo y Flaco performance last night, that treatments
of ET subjects are generally acceptable if they self-contain the laugh
factor. If they do not, if they are "serious" so to speak, then the
auto-ridicule response will click in. predictable as a redneck taking
aim at a pinko.

You will also have observed, and read, that I am no great fan of
orthodox science, religion, education, politics, or anything that passes
as mainstream knowledge.  Mainstream is our current state of the union
and of the planet. It is pathetic, unless on Shindig Day or 4th of July.

How easily Mr. Schmall poses his "myth" and "interpretation" as
"science", as "orthodox astronomy", acknowledging the presence of
billions of stars and millions of planets (all presumably dead of any
intelligence), and then when I refer to NASA photographs, acquired by
FOIA research, attesting to an ET presence, "does he have any thoughts
on the subject," there the laugh/ridicule response clicks in.  He is not
trained by the National Park System, nor NASA, to discuss such issues.
Many fine researchers and professors have been dismissed from academia
for just such affronts to orthodox knowledge.

I recently attended the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Feb.
23-26. The roster of presenters, and their offerings, would make Mr.
Schmall wet his pants. You may review the program if you wish at and order any books or DVDs if you wish to expand your
library on the subject.  I highly recommend Dr. Carol Rosin ("Outer
Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011), Robert Dean (former
military intelligence, DVD presentation)  Hon. Paul Hellyer (former
Canadian Minister of Defence, DVD presentation), and Richard Dolan
("A.D. After Disclosure", book and DVD).

Do not doubt, Mr. Walters, that Disclosure is the single-most important
task facing humanity at this time, that is, revealing what is already
known about the ET presence, reverse-engineered technology, our ET
ancestry, etc.

In that vein, I offer the following, which is being circulated widely
among people in high places.  You might care to print it, frame it, and
hang it in our museum, with my blessings.
Finally, for your amusement, is a birthday gift to me from a friend:

Meanwhile: Last night, while insomniac, I finally cracked open the book, Passport to the Cosmos, by the late John Mack, the Harvard psychiatrist who worked with “experiencers,” those who claim to have or have had encounters with beings from other worlds. Came across this paragraph in the introduction, worthwhile quoting here in full:

“It’s as if the agent or intelligence at work here were parodying, mocking, tricking, and deceiving the investigators [both skeptics and true believers], providing just enough physical evidence to win over those who are prepared to believe in the topic, but not enough to convince the skeptic. In this apparently frustrating situation, there may lie a deeper truth and possibility. It’s as if the phenomenon were inviting us to change our ways, to expand our consciousness and ways of learning, to use, in addition to our conventional ways of knowing and observing, methodologies more appropriate to itw own complex, subtle, and perhaps ultimately unknowable nature.”

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  1. Tereasa says:

    It is actually difficult to find qualified persons for this topic, you sound like you know what you are dealing with! Thank you

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