Unable to Sleep, I Obsess . . .

4:30 AM. Unable to sleep, I obsessively check huffpost from my iphone for news in Japan. Dire. Get up, tie on bathrobe, turn on computer. Nuclear explosion with “inviting” videos. No thanks. Restless, I surf.

Open a post from Steve Beckow that asks what Japan and Libya and Wisconsin have in common. The title puzzles me. I read on. . . . Duh!

He’s right. I’m as gullible as the next guy when it comes to having my attention swerved this way and that by the next best (or worst) thing, whatever it is. And each time that happens, the new obsessive focus blots out all the rest.

Blink: On!

Blink again: Off!

What a mental trick. What a mind game. What a joke.

In my final post yesterday, I talked about opening space in my heart and brain for competing theories. Well, now I must open space for all the news, all of it, all the time, rather than allowing the latest breathtaking horror capture my attention.

And meanwhile, don’t attach to any of it.

Let it all go.

Inhale suffering. Exhale love. With every breath, every heart beat. Transmute unimaginable suffering to infinite love. Again and again and again. Tonglen.

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