On Competing Theories: Let Us Embrace the Shining Present!

I wrote a post yesterday wondering if HAARP was responsible for the Japanese earthquake. I said that my intuition did not say so, nor did it say so for the Chile quake, though it came in mighty strong that the Haiti quake was HAARP-induced. In that post yesterday, I wondered if my intuition didn’t “work” for the Japan quake because it didn’t need to; of course it would be HAARP.

Then I got the latest Mathew message, which said, in no uncertain terms, that the Japan quake was HAARP-induced. (It made me feel good to think of myself as “right.”)

Then, reader and fellow traveler Paul Crawford told me I needed to check out another channelling, supposedly from the Galactic Federation, through Sheldon Nidle. This one doesn’t talk about HAARP at all, but does mention that this earthquake is part of a grand design for a reworking of the Pacific basin that will have some tectonic plates (and lands above them) lifting as others subside.

I started wondering about this Sheldon Nidle. Who is he? Can he be trusted? From all that I’ve read from him, I felt that Mathew can be trusted. What about this new channel, whom I had not previously read (though I have heard the name somewhere). Mathew says to trust your intuition as to what’s true or not. But that intuition of mine is finicky. It seems to work only when I least expect it, when I’m not wanting anything specific. Then, somehow, knowing floods in.

I thought about asking Steve Beckow what he thinks about Sheldon Nidle. Then I went for a walk. When I came back, I saw a new post from Steve Beckow, “The Credibility of Differing Accounts” (geez! he’s reading my mind!). In this post, he refers to another reading of the Japan quake, one which seems to contradict Mathew’s. Steve says he prefers Mathew’s.

The new one Steve mentioned, from James Gilliland, also talks about tectonic plates and the lands above them rising and falling. . . Hmmmm. Does this mean Mathew is wrong and Sheldon Nidle and James Gilliland are right, since their interpretations overlap?

I have no idea. Logic fails me. I give up.

Beyond my intuitive knowing, which arises only when really needed to guide me during times of perplexity, is the larger spacious presence in which all this is happening, all our theories about reality competing to be “the” correct one, the one that most closely matches what’s “really” going on.

In this exo field, where we really don’t have any idea whether anything is real or not, we are constantly trying to nail down facts, interpretations, and theories. We want to know what’s right and what’s wrong. As if it’s one thing, then it cannot not another! As if contradictions really do cancel each other out! But that’s all part of 3-D cogitation, and limits us to thinking in straight lines.

We want to be able to keep to our 3-D rules on how to figure out what is happening. We want to make something — what? what? Geez quick, let me stand on something lest I fall forever through space — the cornerstone, and then build from there. But the thing is, it’s all floating in air (or ether?). All of it. No exceptions. Even our great edifice of science, floats, just like Earth floats, in a spacious presence that we don’t understand. It’s way bigger than our brains or our logic.

That’s what the UFO Congresses do for me, open me to the spacious present. Allow in the light of the universe, which shines on everything equally. From a certain point of view, everything makes sense. From another, equally present point of view, everything makes sense too, from its own perspective. There is no right or wrong. There is no real or unreal. It’s all here, all of it and all of us, and all of it shining.

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  1. Louise Grout says:

    Ann……hold off on judging Sheldon Niddle. I’ve never known him to post beyond his usual late afternoon Tuesday. Which was a bit before the quake. I find his newsletter very useful. He has mentioned quakes (plural) as being part of the grand plan, and maybe he’ll have something interesting this coming Tuesday….In the light……..Louise

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