In the Midst of Horror . . . Breathless Beauty!

This came through my facebook account yesterday. Two female artists in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, are communing in glass. Laurie Thal, a long-time blower of gorgeous glass vessels, with Lia Kass, who etches the designs and whom I knew as a painter when I lived there. Clicking through this site took my breath away.

My experience of viewing these vessels reminds me of the time I went to one of the Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas. I had never been, and had no plans to go, ever, thinking of the cost as extravagent. Thank you Joan Bird, for urging me to accompany you!

Within seconds of its opening act, I realized that this, this glory, is food for the soul.

Let us attune to vastness of our creative capacity in the midst of the current horror.

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