Channel Mathew Ward on the Japan Quake: "not Mother Nature's doing"

I first came across the channellings of Mathew Ward — he died in a car crash as a 17-year old in 1980, and communicates through his mother, Suzy Ward — about a year ago. I had been surfing the internet, looking for channels that spoke to me, and this one did, more than any others. Discernment is as necessary here as elsewhere!

Confirming my intuition that this channel was one I should pay attention to, within a few weeks I discovered that my friend Joan Bird (with whom I go to UFO conferences) and my oldest friend, Claudia Kimball (who lives in Seattle), had also, independently, discovered Mathew, and feel that the information that he brings through is exceptional.

Mathew channels about once a month, so when the email came in last night, just as I was reading more about partial nuclear meltdowns, I opened it with unusual eagerness. He says that not only was the quake “not Mother Nature’s doing,” but that the goal of the cabal had been, basically, to obliterate Japan. Since I’ve never known Mathew to exaggerate, this information was particularly stunning.

Here is an excerpt from yesterday’s communication from Mathew:

“With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The earthquake off the coast of Japan, strategically positioned to cause the tsunami, was not Mother Nature’s doing. Her only involvement was the unavoidable initial movements of land and water after Illuminati scientists triggered the quake. Our space family was able to thwart their goal to level cities, flood the island and kill most of its inhabitants; however, harnessing the full force of the ocean is beyond the capability of their technology. Mother Nature isn’t causing the suspicious number of aftershocks, either, and it should be obvious to your seismologists and geologists that something is horribly awry.

“The peak members of the Illuminati know that their economic empire is shattered, and before the last shreds of their once impenetrable global network are completely gone, they are trying to generate a mass of negativity through creating chaos, destruction and high death toll wherever they can. For all the devastation in the ocean’s path and the damaged nuclear power facility, compared to the Illuminati’s intent to utterly destroy Japan, it was a shallow win for them. There was minimal damage in Tokyo; the quake, aftershocks and tsunami released a large amount of negativity on the planet; off-planet technology is lessening the effects of radiation from the power station; and other civilizations are beaming intense light, adding to the outpouring of prayers for the Japanese people, whose resilience and resourcefulness and the assistance of other countries will restore that nation.

“With the light continuing to intensify, the Illuminati’s unconscionable acts cannot much longer plague Earth. Just as you and we are seeing the undeniable evidence of massive shifts in the collective consciousness, so are they, and they know that this will end all darkness on the planet. The light in expanded consciousness has led long-oppressed peoples to raise their voices for freedom, and that cry will be echoed over and again until all peoples throughout your world are free.

“Eventually hard-won victories will come in Libya, other countries in the Middle East and nations in Southeast Asia and Africa. In countries where political groups with different ideologies oppose each other without violence, extremist positions will give way to unified administrations that serve the needs of the masses rather than the greed of the elite. However, it would be folly to expect swift capitulation by tyrannical rulers or completely smooth transitions as the settling in of new national leaders will be amidst varying degrees of unrest and at different paces.

“Sorrow and hardships will befall the families whose beloved members pay with their lives for reformed governance or who were caught in the line of fire. We devoutly wish that all could know that every person who leaves this lifetime by either original or amended soul contract is thriving in Earth’s spirit world. Please join lighted beings throughout the universe in sending forth prayers for the highest good of all.”


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