Did HAARP Cause the Japanese Quake? And if so, why?

Thanks to Steve Beckow for posting an article on this possibility together with a number of videos and historical background.

As soon as I found out about the quake, I googled “HAARP and the Japanese Quake” and there were already about a thousand sites that mentioned it. A few hours later there were ten times that, then 50 times that . . . the web is a wondrous thing where theories swirl like bloated tsunamis.

But might it be true?

I had a strong intuitive hit that the Haiti earthquakes was HAARP-induced. (Not sure whether it would have been U.S., or Russia, both of which have this technology.) I didn’t get an intuitive hit on the Chile quake, nor on this one. Maybe because I didn’t need it, it was so obvious?

Then there’s the part of me that says, “So what?” So what if it was part of the global cabal’s nefarious end-stage game to bring down the planet, basically, except of course, for the few hundred or few thousand elite that “count.” No matter who or what “caused” it, the situation is tragic for our Mother Earth and all creatures upon her, including those who would set themselves apart.

Another part of me says, “Well, if it was HAARP-induced, did they count on nuclear power plant explosion and possible meltdown as part of it? Or did did their nasty little earthquake go out of control.”

The investigator part of me asks, “If HAARP did it, then why? And which nation’s HAARP? And why Japan? And though I’m no expert, in fact barely literate in the subject, I suspect it would have had something to do with whatever back room machinations are going on regarding the world’s currencies and U.S. debt. (In geopolitical contexts, “Follow the money” is good advice.)

Speaking of nukes, it’s now been disclosed that ETs have been actively interfering with our ability to detonate and launch nuclear weapons. Mathew Ward and other channels say that ETs have been cleaning up radiation and other contaminates from the atmosphere. If so, they may have another big job to do.

In that vein, Steve Beckow has also posted several videos said to be of a UFO flying over flood and fire ravaged Japan.

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  1. Paul Crawford says:

    You need to read this Galactic Federation account:
    particularly the last 4 paragraphs.

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