2011 UFO Congress: Who Participates, Part 3: Paul Crawford, and ancient echoes . . .

I doubt Paul would want me to single him out as especially important, and he wasn’t! Just about everybody there that I talked with had some kind of outlandish or otherwise deeply unsettling and/or transformative story to tell. Paul, in a very real sense, was a typical participant at the UFO Congress.

Paul gave me permission to show you a vision that he offers during this time when we are transitioning from our collective dark night of the soul into unity consciousness via Carl Calleman’s version of the Mayan Calendar’s changeover to its final cycle today, this day, March 9, to the Universal Underworld!

I was finally going to be able to grab a bite to eat with my friend Carol Rosin when Paul Crawford a tall, gentle giant who walked with a cane asked if he could join us. So the three of us commenced an exhilarating conversation in a restaurant for about an hour. Paul presented his vision of . . . a Galactic Space Center (!) — near where he lives, in Ajo, Arizona.

Where’s Ajo? we asked. Forty-five miles from the Mexican border, and suitably remote, surrounded by protected lands: Tohono O’odham Nation (the size of Connecticut), BLM land, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Rfuge, and the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Training Range.

Paul says that the largest employer there is the Border Patrol, “and they could use a new perspective on alien.”

As he talked about it, Paul vision so intrigued Carol and me that we briefly discussed hotfooting it out of there and south into the desert and his little Ajo lair for the night. We wanted to have a looksee in the morning of the gigantic copper and gold mine, currently owned by Freeport-MacMoRan, that closed down in 1984.

Paul: "The town of Ajo with its wonderful hole in the ground, easy to vector in on from space, I thould think."

Paul imagines a UFO landing spot at the bottom of this open pit, and on a huge flat mesa of tailings (not visible in this photo; go to Google Earth). The pit itself is 1.5 miles wide at the top, and terraced to the bottom.

Paul: The pit, close up, 1.5 miles wide at the top, terraced to the bottom, with huge flat mesas of mine tailings to the north-east (not in photo but visible from Google Earth) also suitable for landings and intergalactic conference center buildings."

Now for the visionary part: Reminding me of Christo’s massive conceptual environmental art, Paul sees this site being altered to create a donut-shaped concrete dam around the rim:

From Paul’s paper explaining the concept:

“This dam would have infrastructure to accommodate the following . . .

“Upper terraces would be filled with water. Ajo sits on a huge aquifer. When the mine was in full operation, the Ajo well pumped up to 13 million gallons of water per day. Current usage is about 200,000 gallons per day. Wiuth over 80 years of use, the aquifer remains at nearly its untapped level. The lower terraces would be a hydroponic farm (probably the largest in the world) irrigated by the lake above, and feeding millions of people. The base of the pit would be a landing pad for ET shuttle craft, with maintenance bays, and tunnels leading to an Intergalactic Conference Center on the mesas above.”

I suggested to Paul that he think permaculture rather than hydroponic, mainly because I have yet to figure out how to refine the hydroponics in my little greenhouse . . . But in thinking about it, can permaculture remediate anything? Even an open-pit copper mine? Has it been tried? In line with the permaculture principle, “the problem is the solution,” how could tailings from a copper mine solve the problem that they present?

I googled all sorts of phrases relating to this idea of permaculture remediation of open pit mines, to no avail.

Here’s Paul’s final drawing, complete with infrastructure and conference center:

Well aware of how crazy, or even megalomaniacal his vision looks, he comments: “Such a project, obviously, would take some masterful groundwork in exopolitics, would even take partnering with our ET allies, especially perhaps in construction/manifestation. But is this not a rational vision toward continued life on Planet Earth?”

To Carol, he adds, “If your ET friends have asked you to do some scouting [for ET landing spots], well, I incarnated to serve in just such efforts.”

He sums up: “Still the question remains: “If we are sane enough to have them show up. Ajo has its rednecks fer sher. But it also shares the numb confusion of the world. ‘What’s going to happen next, self-destruction or what?’ Here then, is my humble vision.”

When I told my friend Joan Bird about Paul and his vision, she reminded me of Moray, Peru, a place where we have both visited separately. And I wondered why his vision felt so familiar! Now I know! Two photos (unfortunately, small):

Moray is high in the Andes, on a rolling plain near the small village of Maras. I don’t know how wide it is at the rim, but it is about 100 feet deep and takes a long time to hike to the bottom. The place feels strong, and eerie. It was obviously used for growing food — possibly experimentally, to see what would do best at different altitudes — and we still don’t understand the way ancient Peruvians constructed their extensively engineered drainage systems. The question of its possible religious significance has been raised. Now we might add that we wonder about it as an ET landing spot.

BTW: Peruvian villagers in the Andes speak easily about ETs, as if they’ve always been there, as if they are family.

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  1. Paul Crawford says:

    This is beautiful! You are an angelic conduit, that’s what you are!!!
    I will answer your questions by separate email.

  2. Greg Grim says:

    Ann – tell Paul I said hello and not to be mad at me. I was only trying to have fun with him. – Greg

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